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House Resort
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Part ofCamp Golf
FactionsNew California Republic
New California Republic Army
New California Republic Rangers
LeadersChief Hanlon
QuestsReturn to Sender
Cell Name2CCampGolfResort
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The House Resort is a luxury resort at the heart of Camp Golf, overlooking Lake Las Vegas.


The centerpiece of House Resort & Country Club belonging to - who else? - Robert House before the Great War, the resort survived the decades in remarkable condition, eventually repurposed by the New California Republic Army and NCR Rangers as a military facility. Corridors and bedrooms that once hosted pre-War captains of industry and entertainment stars were now used by troops as barracks and improvised facilities. Although Camp Golf lost much of its strategic importance by 2281, as NCR lines were expanded to the Colorado and far beyond the confines of the base, it's still the headquarters of the NCR Rangers and their Chief, Hanlon.

Points of interest

  • The Resort dominates the skyline, with the entrance on the eastern face, overlooking Lake Mead. Just above the entrance is a balcony where Chief Hanlon set up his office, coordinating Ranger efforts across the Mojave.
  • Inside, the resort has two floors. On the lower one is the main atrium, with the NCR readiness assessment terminal on the reception counter and the Rangers' administrative offices inside. There's a small storage room in the chamber on the southern side of the floor, together with an old painting of Robert House standing before his finest creation, while the Rangers' barracks are located on the northern end, with nearly ordered bunks, plenty of footlockers and duffel bags. The adjacent kitchen is well stocked with a variety of consumables and ingredients.
  • Upstairs is much more run down. With the exception of Chief Hanlon's quarters in the central sector, the rest of the rooms are in various stages of deterioration, converted by the Rangers into a makeshift workshop, a still for whiskey (judging by the empty bottles), an infirmary and medical records room, a room for treating addictions, and so on and so forth.
  • There are numerous Rangers in patrol and (once Act III starts) veteran combat armor. Entering at night with the Sandman perk allows for farming them without drawing the NCR's ire.

Notable loot

  • Combat armor and helmet: In the Ranger barracks, on a shelf in the locker by the kitchen.
  • 5 Nuka-Cola Quartz: On the shelves in the kitchen (owned).
  • >12 purified waters: Also in the kitchen, together with a massive amount of food.
  • Lucky 38 key card: Used to open Mr House's secret entrance terminal at Lucky 38, found on Hanlon's desk inside the Resort (left side, behind the reception, near the vending machines).
  • 3 Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle caps: On the two dressers in the northeastern bedroom upstairs (unowned)
Magazines (all are owned)

Behind the scenes

  • The layout of some of the rooms appears to be identical to the ones in Jacobstown Lodge, down to item placement.
  • The "Lucky 38 Executive Override" option on the terminal in the office was originally supposed to be part of The Moon Comes Over the Tower, but that section of the quest was apparently cut. See that quest's notes section for details.


House Resort appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.