Horowitz farmstead

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Horowitz farmstead
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Map MarkerHorowitz Farmstead
Cell NameSLAbandonedFarmstead
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The Horowitz farmstead is a location in Fallout: New Vegas, located northwest of Westside.


This once prosperous farmstead just off Highway 95 focused on cultivating maize. Now it's a rundown ruin with four closed-off storehouses and one open barn, inhabited by a gang of Vipers. The Vipers stay inside and have a small encampment with mattresses and a surprisingly organized stash of supplies. A few frag mines have been set up southwest and between the silo and the barn to deter any interlopers.

There's also a reloading bench in a shack by the fallen silo off to the west. More notably, there's also a mercenary camp to the north, where the player can acquire the unique YCS/186 or the alien blaster (depending on whether Wild Wasteland is disabled or not).

Notable loot


Horowitz farmstead appears in Fallout: New Vegas.