Hopeville missile silo

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Hopeville missile silo
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Map MarkerHopeville Missile Silo Bunker
Hopeville Silo Bunker Entrance
Cell NameNVDLC04Road01 (exterior)
NVDLC04Silo01 (interior)
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TerminalsHopeville missile silo terminals
Restore Hopeville Silo's Power
Maintenance Bot Control
Base Commander's Terminal
Hopeville Silo Mainframe Controls
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The Hopeville missile silo bunker, formally the Hopeville Ballistic Defense Station, is a location in the Divide in Lonesome Road.


Once an integral component of the Commonwealth Defense Administration Ballistic Defense Division under the command of General Martin Retslaf, this silo, like many others across the land now known as the Divide, failed to send its payload into the skies. Instead, it lay dormant for the better part of two centuries, with automated caretakers maintaining its many facilities. It took the delivery of a certain package by a certain Courier to the fledgling community that emerged in the region to awaken the bases scattered across the region.

Although it did not launch, the missile silo suffered from the earthquakes that tore through the region as the automated message forced the warheads stored in the silos to detonate beneath the ground. The silo suffered heavily, as the foundations crumbled and entire parts of the surrounding bedrock gave way. It listed nearly fifteen degrees out of alignment, affecting everything inside. Unfortunately, the robot network still remains active, especially the sentry bots.


Level three

The missile silo is a linear dungeon that gives a taste of what's to come as the Courier walks the Lonesome Road. The access corridor leads to the silo proper, peppered with graffiti from Ulysses. It opens into the observation room with a power console that requires a special kind of hacking device. The corridor to the right leads to the utility room and workshop, with an eyebot pod that carries a solitary eyebot inside. The terminal on the wall releases it, enabling access to the rest of the bunker, as ED-E can hack the special consoles. There's also a Ralphie poster on the wall and a commissary terminal by the entrance (the commissary needs to be unlocked by ED-E).

In the observation room, ED-E can unlock the power console, allowing the player to restore power on all levels, showing the mighty nuclear titan laying dead in its lair once it's turned on. The hallway to the left is thus rendered accessible, allowing the player to enter the silo proper and the hydraulics room (which contains plenty of components for weapon repair kits), after hacking the terminal. There's also a broken-down eyebot in the middle of the corridor, containing the first of ED-E's upgrade tapes. In the silo itself, the player can access the second level up the gantry.

Upper silo

The Operations chamber is patrolled by a sentry bot and leads to storage upstairs, where the player sees the marked men for the first time. Their dead bodies carry random supplies. In the upper level silo chamber is a broken terminal controlling the turret next to it and a patrolling sentry bot. The terminal can be repaired using Repair 50 and used to turn the turret on the robot. From there, the player can access the mainframe chamber and the office of General Retslaf, with his mummified body steal seated where he took his own life.

To progress beyond, the player needs to find military encryption codes in the base commander's desk. From his terminal, the player can also open his cache and, if they decide to forgo the experience reward, deactivate the sentries. The cache contains plasma mines, pulse grenades, and a plasma rifle.


The exit from the silo becomes available after the player asks ED-E to unlock the mainframe with the codes in their possession. This will allow the player to throw the switch and unlock the silo. The corridor will be immediately entered by a pair of sentry bots. If the player repaired the terminal turret, the turrets will be friendly and attack the sentry bots, otherwise, the exit is a gauntlet. The exit is around the bend and up the slope, but the office occupied by the bots also has a pair of shipping crates and ammo boxes, which are worth the walk.

Notable loot


The Hopeville missile silo bunker appears in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.