Hopeville missile base headquarters

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Hopeville missile base headquarters
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Map MarkerHopeville Missile Base Headquarters
Part ofHopeville missile base
FactionsBallistic Defense Division (defunct)
Marked men
Cell NameNVDLC04RoadHQ (exterior)
NVDLC04RoadHQ (interior)
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xx003e4b (interior)
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The Hopeville missile base headquarters is a location in the Divide, in 2281.


These headquarters served as the main command center for the Hopeville missile base, just before the Great War. Since the Great War, and the missile base was largely destroyed, a camp of marked men have taken over the installation entirely.



The marked men have constructed a stairway of sorts using cars, cement, and sheet metal in order to get up on the roof, where they can spot outsiders from a distance. To the northwest of the building is a supply/ammunition stash doubling as a sniper's nest, and to the north wall of the building is a Ralphie poster. Mind the poor, hapless sap who was crushed by a Nuka-Cola vending machine by the entrance.

Around the back is also a locked personal locker.


The main lobby has a desk in the corner and two couches, one of which is flipped over. Piles of gore are found throughout the lobby and rest of the building, and through the door on the right, there is an Auto-Doc in the corner, and a commissary terminal against the wall opposite the Auto-Doc.

The hallway going straight from the lobby leads to the bathrooms, where a first aid box can be found in the women's bathroom, as well as a person having committed suicide. The hall going left from the entrance leads to some office spaces. The first office seems to have been converted into a marked men hovel and contains plenty of containers with random loot and a damaged Divide eyebot under the desk to the right, which contains an upgrade card for ED-E.

The second office is caved-in, with a Hard-locked safe int he corner that contains access codes for the armory and a stash of healing chems.

Notable loot



The Hopeville missile base headquarters appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on, Lonesome Road.