Hopeville armory

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Hopeville armory
Hopeville armory.jpg
Icon building.png
Map MarkerNone (nearest: [[]], local: Hopeville Armory)
Part ofHopeville Missile Base
FactionsUnited States Army (formerly)
Cell NameNVDLC04SLArmory01 (interior)
ref idxx009cad (interior)
TerminalsArmory Access Terminal
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Gametitle-FNV LR.png

The Hopeville armory is a location in the Divide in 2281.


The building is found close to the Hopeville Missile Base Headquarters. The building itself is a Quonset hut about 15 feet long.

When you first enter there is a locker on your left as well a counter with miscellaneous ammunition on it, along with some ammunition boxes on the floor. Further along the left wall is a locker with a Very Hard lock. In the far right corner is a bed that can be slept in. Along the right wall is a counter with more rockets on it. The armory also has schematics of the Red Glare posted on the front and back walls.

Notable loot

  • Rocket, high explosive on the table to your left as you enter.
  • Guns and Bullets underneath the desk in northeast corner, with a bed that can be slept on.
  • Incendiary rockets on the shelves along the eastern wall.
  • Riot gear can be found one in poor condition found inside a normal locker, and another in near-perfect condition in an adjacent locker with a very hard lock.



The Hopeville armory appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.