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Honest Hearts
FNVHH Honest Hearts Cover.png
DeveloperObsidian Entertainment
PublisherBethesda Softworks
Size254.28 MB (Xbox 360)
402.2 MB (PC)
464MB (PS3)
Price$4.99 (PC)
$9.99 (PS3 and Xbox 360)
Release date
Xbox 360May 17, 2011
PCMay 18, 2011
PlayStation 3June 2, 2011 (North America)
June 5, 2011 (Europe)
Xbox 360Xbox LIVE
PlayStation 3PSN
Gametitle-FNV HH.png
Gametitle-FNV HH.png

Zion may not be lost to us, after all...

— Joshua Graham, Honest Hearts

Honest Hearts is the second add-on for Fallout: New Vegas, developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Bethesda Softworks.

Release and availability

Honest Hearts was released on May 17, 2011 for Xbox Live and May 18, 2011 for PC and later on June 2, 2011 for PlayStation Store due to the store being hacked in May. It costs $9.99.

Like all add-ons, Honest Hearts is included in the Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition, released on February 7, 2012 for all platforms.


Honest Hearts takes you on an expedition to the unspoiled wilderness of Utah's Zion National Park. Things go horribly wrong when your caravan is ambushed by a tribal raiding band. As you try to find a way back to the Mojave, you become embroiled in a war between tribes and a conflict between a New Canaanite missionary and the mysterious Burned Man. The decisions you make will determine the fate of Zion National Park itself.

Zion National Park is an expansive and diverse natural area filled with slot canyons cut by rivers and tributaries as well as numerous caves that dot the hillsides. As wild plants and animals (and a couple mutated ones, as well) thrive in the park, so too does the Courier with dozens of new crafting recipes, including new edibles, medicines and even new armors that can be created from searching the park for ingredients.






Armor and clothing



Weapon mods

Other items

World objects


Main article: Honest Hearts map
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Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Quest ID
Icon gray x.png A Family Affair Sorrows Camp Waking Cloud Variable XP xx010c82
Icon gray x.png Arrival at Zion Zion Canyon Jed Masterson Variable XP xx008893
Icon gray x.png Bighorners of the Eastern Virgin Eastern Virgin Follows-Chalk Variable XP
.45 Auto pistol
War club
Icon gray x.png Chaos in Zion Zion Canyon Self A Light Shining in Darkness, Joshua Graham's armor, Daniel's outfit xx00ae9c
Icon gray x.png Civilized Man's Burden Dead Horses Camp Follows-Chalk Variable XP xx010c83
O Daughter of Babylon.png Crush the White Legs Zion Canyon Joshua Graham Variable XP

A Light Shining in Darkness
Joshua Graham's armor
Daniel's outfit
Daniel's hat
Salt-Upon-Wounds' helmet
Salt-Upon-Wounds' power fist
Chalk's headdress

Icon gray x.png Departing Paradise Southern passage Self None xx010c25
Icon gray x.png Deliverer of Sorrows Zion Canyon Joshua Graham Variable XP xx00f708
May my Hand Forget its Skill.png Flight from Zion Zion Canyon Joshua Graham Variable XP
A Light Shining in Darkness
Chalk's headdress
Daniel's outfit
Daniel's hat
Joshua Graham's armor
Salt-Upon-Wounds' helmet
Salt-Upon-Wounds' power fist
Icon gray x.png Gathering Storms Sorrows Camp Daniel Variable XP xx00f304
Restore Our Fortunes.png Gone Fishin' Dead Horses Camp Joshua Graham Variable XP xx00f6ef
When We Remembered Zion.png Happy Trails Expedition Northern Passage Happy Trails Expedition Broadcast 175 caps, When We Remembered Zion achievement xx008891
Icon gray x.png Prisoners of War Zion Canyon Joshua Graham Variable XP xx00b4d3
Icon gray x.png Retake the Bridge Zion Canyon Joshua Graham Variable XP xx00b4d1
In a Foreign Land.png River Monsters Yao guai cave Daniel Variable XP xx00c7c2
Icon gray x.png Rite of Passage Sorrows Camp, White Bird's Cave, Ghost Den White Bird Variable XP, She's Embrace xx0094c3
Restore Our Fortunes.png Roadside Attraction Dead Horses Camp Joshua Graham Variable XP xx00f6ee
Icon gray x.png Sanctity of the Dead Zion Canyon Joshua Graham Variable XP xx00b4d2
In a Foreign Land.png The Advance Scouts Zion Canyon Joshua Graham Variable XP xx00c7c0
In a Foreign Land.png The Grand Staircase Sorrows Camp Daniel Variable XP xx008894
In a Foreign Land.png The Treacherous Road Old Rockville Bridge Daniel Variable XP xx00c7c1
Restore Our Fortunes.png Tourist Trap Dead Horses Camp Joshua Graham Variable XP xx00f6f0


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Regular perks

Name Level req Other requirements Ranks Benefit Base ID
Eye for Eye 20 1 For each crippled limb you have, you do an additional 10% damage. xx00b2f4
Fight the Power! 10 1 +2 Damage Threshold and +5% Critical chance against anyone wearing NCR, Legion or Brotherhood of Steel armor. xx00f67c
Grunt 8 Guns 45, Explosives 20 1 25% more damage with 9mm pistols and SMGs, .45 pistols and SMGs, service rifles, assault and Marksman carbines, light machine guns, frag grenades, grenade rifles and launchers, and combat knives. xx00f677
Home on the Range 8 Survival 70 1 Whenever you interact with a campfire, you have the option of sleeping, with all the benefits that sleep brings. xx00b2f3
Sneering Imperialist 8 1 +15% Damage and +25% accuracy in V.A.T.S. to various tribal and raider characters. xx00f67b
Tribal Wisdom 8 Survival 70 1 -50% limb damage from animals, mutated animals, and mutated insects, +25% to Poison resistance, ability to eat mutated insects in Sneak mode. xx00f679

Companion perks

Name Follower Benefit Base ID
Quiet As The Waters Waking Cloud in your party. White Legs' Perception is effectively decreased by 3. xx00b2f7
The Way of the Canaanite Joshua Graham in your party. Decrease in spread and double the critical chance for .45 Auto pistols. xx00b2f5
Well-Stacked Cairns Follows-Chalk in your party. Reaching various summits reveals nearby map markers and grants +3 Perception temporarily. xx00b2f6


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Name Requirement Achievement points Trophy type Image
In a Foreign Land Scouted the Zion Valley for signs of the White Legs. 20 Bronze.png In a Foreign Land.png
May my Hand Forget its Skill Evacuated Zion 40 Gold.png May my Hand Forget its Skill.png
O Daughter of Babylon Crushed the White Legs. 30 Silver.png O Daughter of Babylon.png
Restore Our Fortunes Resupplied Daniel and the Sorrows. 30 Silver.png Restore Our Fortunes.png
When We Remembered Zion Arrived at Zion. 20 Bronze.png When We Remembered Zion.png


  • Honest Hearts, like all add-ons, raises the level cap by 5.
  • Honest Hearts features weather, adding rain/overcast to the game.
  • After completing the add-on's main story, you will be unable to start or finish the side quests as most of the main characters will have left Zion.
  • Installing Honest Hearts will remove the ability to use the campfire during combat. This is due to the implementation of the Home on the Range perk.
  • Skill books are only found as random loot in Honest Hearts. See Fallout: New Vegas skill books for details.
  • Like Dead Money, you are not allowed to take companions with you in Honest Hearts. However, unlike Dead Money, Honest Hearts does not force them out of your party, you must do this yourself if you wish to proceed.
  • Equipment is not taken from the player at the beginning of the add-on, but the maximum weight limit is decreased due to the length of the journey. 100 pounds of equipment can be taken if you have the Strong Back or Pack Rat perks, and have a minimal Survival skill of 50, or pass the Speech check when talking to Jed Masterson, or Ricky. Without these perks/skill levels, you will have a weight limit of 75.
  • The player is able to return to Zion after completing the add-on, but followers still cannot accompany you. They also cannot be left waiting at the Northern passage, and instead will return to their home (ED-E back to Primm, etc.). This is due to the 14 day length of the trip into Zion.
  • When the add-on is completed, you can purchase the new weapons from the add-on such as, the tomahawk, the fire bomb, the war club, the yao guai gauntlet, the .45 Auto pistol and the .45 Auto submachine gun and their respective mods, as well as the ammunition from shops around the Mojave Wasteland.
  • The only merchant in Honest Hearts is Joshua Graham (passing a Speech check will allow you to purchase medical supplies from Daniel, however his caps and items are limited).

Behind the scenes

Religion is a topic, I think, that often gets not a great treatment in video games. It was important for me for a long time to try and see religion portrayed (specifically, Christianity) in a realistic and interesting way in a setting. In Fallout I got a chance to do it with Honest Hearts. I'm not religious, I believe that there aren't any gods, but that doesn't really matter. The point is that the topic I thought was interesting, I thought it was worth exploring, and I had a fair amount of knowledge of Christianity from college, from studying it on my own, talking to people about it, debating the topic with people.

And then Mormonism. I learned a lot more about from studying its history and talking with Mormons to get a more in-depth understanding of it. Before I did Honest Hearts I went out into Zion and I read the Pearl of Great Price by Joseph Smith. It was all just to get a good understanding of it, just to present something that made some sense. I didn't get everything right and, you know, you can never get everything absolutely right (or it would be very hard to). The point is, you try to approach it seriously and take it seriously. And if you're going to break rules about something, you kind of have to know what these rules are before you can really break them in a way that's interesting or justifiable, otherwise you're just kind of making stuff up. Which, you know, you can make stuff up, but I think that if you try to deal with a real world subject, you should probably know something about it.

J.E. Sawyer on Real World Knowledge and Game Design

Fallout: New Vegas texture that first hinted to Honest Hearts.

  • Honest Hearts was first hinted at via in-game graffiti,[1] sparking speculation that it would be the next add-on. This speculation was seemingly confirmed when ZeniMax registered "Honest Hearts" as a trademark.[2] The graffiti hinting at Honest Hearts refers to Joshua Graham, and New Canaan, which were originally to appear in Van Buren, Black Isle's canceled Fallout 3 project.[3][4]
  • Honest Hearts was again hinted at in the game files of the Dead Money add-on, with the inclusion of an unused snowglobe for Zion National Park, and further suggesting it would be the next DLC in line for release after Dead Money.[5]
  • J.E. Sawyer has indicated that the title of this add-on is a reference to Brigham Young's aphorism, "Honest hearts produce honest actions".[6]
  • J.E. Sawyer also revealed that the story of Honest Hearts drew inspiration from the Utah War and Mountain Meadows Massacre.[7]
  • All titles for Honest Hearts achievements/trophies are taken from Psalm 126 and Psalm 137 in the Bible.
  • Honest Hearts had the shortest development cycle of all New Vegas DLCs (sans Gun Runner's Arsenal and Courier's Stash).[8]

Dead Money had a deferred PS3/PC release, so yes. HH having the cycle it did relative to DM and (especially) OWB and LR was not engineered that way from the start. After HH finished testing, there were overall F:NV game stability issues that needed to be fixed via patch, which is why HH was pushed, and OWB and LR with it. When the push happened, HH was already out of testing, but work/testing on OWB and LR continued.

J.E. Sawyer


  • PCIcon pc.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png If you have not found all of the locations in Zion Canyon and leave, the tick marks on your compass indicating undiscovered locations may disappear when you move close to them upon returning to Zion. You can still discover these locations, however tick marks on your compass for these locations will not be visible even after discovering them.
  • PCIcon pc.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Saving inside Zion National Park, quitting the game and trying to reload from that save will cause the game to get stuck at the loading screen. Loading a save from before you entered Zion and then loading the save from within Zion will allow you to bypass this problem.
  • PCIcon pc.png When returning to Zion National Park after traveling back to the Mojave Wasteland, the game will become stuck in a permanent loading screen, leaving the previous autosave glitched.
  • PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png Honest Hearts does not show in the starting screen menu. The radio signal does not come up either and the Northern Passage is still blocked. The game may not be recognizing that the add-on was installed. This could be caused by file corruption from PSN outages.
    • The bonus pack add-ons disrupt the installation. Uninstall the Classic Pack and download/reinstall the Canadian version (which says French but is actually in English). The file is called "Fallout: New Vegas - (CA)". Honest Hearts will appear as well as everything else that may have disappeared (i.e. Dead Money).
  • After installing Honest Hearts, the radio signal for Northern Passage may not appear if "ED-E My Love" has not been completed. The only fix is reverting to a previous save file.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png If you are playing through Dead Money when you download and install Honest Hearts, you will not hear that radio transmission during Dead Money, or after you finish Dead Money and are back in the wasteland. Basically the game will not at all recognize that Honest Hearts has been installed.
  • Some cliffs in Zion may not be properly structured, causing the player to fall through and render the player's movement to a standstill. A possible location is the yao guai cave. To the right of the entrance, a small cliff overlooks the canyon (confirmed once on the PS3).
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Sometimes after completing the Honest Hearts main quest and returning to the Wasteland, your Honest Hearts DLC will fail to load, causing you to have to reinstall the add-on, resulting in loss of all items, quest progression in Zion National Park and perks you may have obtained that became available in Honest Hearts. The only thing you do not lose is the extra 5 levels you gained from originally installing Honest Hearts.




  1. The in-game graffiti in question can be found in the game's "nvdlcgraffiti" folder, sharing the filename "nvgraffitihonesthearts". They read:
    "Where's New Canaan, anyway?"
    "The Burned Man Walks!"
    "Joshua Graham Lives!"
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Honest Hearts