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Homestead Motel
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World map: Point Lookout
Map MarkerThe Homestead Motel
QuestsThe Velvet Curtain
Cell NameDLC04MotelOffice
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TerminalsHomestead Motel terminals
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The Homestead Motel is a small motel found in Point Lookout. It is inhabited by vicious dogs and consists of three motel rooms and an office.


The motel used to accommodate tourists visiting Point Lookout. One of the rooms, 1D, was the safehouse of Dr. Jiang, a Chinese agent pretending to defect to the US.



The exterior of the motel complex is a square shaped area with the entrances to rooms on both sides of the building; only 4 rooms are accessible as the other rooms are boarded up. The exterior may have 2-3 vicious dogs and maybe another small creature in the immediate area. The dogs often patrol the dirt square inside the motel grounds.

Homestead Motel office

This section is on the outer southside of the motel grounds. The motel has a backroom, an area behind the counter, as well as a two gender bathroom to the right upon entering the door. There are no beds in this room. The keys to the other rooms can be found here.

Room 1D

This section is the safehouse of Dr. Jiang and contains a bed as well as Dr. Jiang's safehouse terminal (to the left of the bed), with a message. Upon reading it, the The Velvet Curtain quest will begin. On the bed is a skeleton, which is assumed to be Dr. Jiang.

Room 1G

This room is located in the inner northside of the motel grounds and is to the right of Room 1D. It is a relatively ordinary room in the motel with no distinguishing physical features. It contains a bed.

It seems that the dead bodies in the room are the remains of two bank robbers that robbed the People's Bank of Point Lookout. Their skeleton's opposing positions, the sawed-off shotguns in their hands, and the presence of a large amount of pre-War money suggests that the two robbers got into a dispute over the money and killed each other.

When you log on the terminal in the bank, you will get the information that it's "payday" again and a lot of cash is being held at the bank. Therefore, additional security was ordered to guard the money. However, you can't find much pre-War money at the bank itself but a lot of it in Room 1G.

Room 1K

This room is located on the outer northside of the motel grounds, and appears to have been part of some very bloody, and judging by the steam in the room, very hot ritual. There are crucified corpses in the room, as well as several skeletons, laid out in a way reminiscent of the many bony totems dotted around swampfolk territory. The mask in the bathroom's toilet implies this was a site rented by the Pint-Sized Slasher. It is possible that this is the series of murders that one of the old newspapers references.

Notable loot

Motel Office

  • Homestead Room 1K Key - Found on the counter in the Motel Office by register. 2 shotgun shells next to register. Ammunition box and double-barrel shotgun behind counter.
  • Homestead Room 1G Key - By the TV in the room behind the counter.
  • Locked safe (average) in back room contains many caps, weapon and corresponding ammunition, and possible Stealth Boy. 2 Jet on table above it with keys.

Room 1D

  • The locker key belonging to Dr. Jiang can be in the luggage case on the bed, right next to his remains.
  • Cryptochromatic Spectacles can be found in the toilet tank in the bathroom.
  • A Stealth Boy can be found right next to the safehouse terminal.

Room 1G

  • 23 Total pre-War money in room. 10 on floor, bed, and bathroom floor. 13 in suitcase in the bathroom.

Room 1K

Related quests


  • Rooms 1D, 1G, and 1K can be used as Fallout 3 player housing. Each room has a bed that can be used and containers that do not respawn.


The Homestead Motel appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on, Point Lookout.


  • PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png When exiting 1D, the loading screen may freeze or just continue to load endlessly.