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Home Sweet Home
Quest data
LocationNuka-Town USA
Selected settlement
Given ByPorter Gage
RewardAbility to conquer settlements in the Commonwealth
Recipes for persuasion grenades and Smooth Operator
Editor IDDLC04MQ04
Base IDxx000804
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leads to:
Power Play

Home Sweet Home is a quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


With the whole of Nuka-World under raider control, it's time to expand operations into the Commonwealth. First, the Sole Survivor needs to pick a settlement to capture, then another to supply it with provisions.


  1. Talk to Gage and head to Shank.
  2. Select a settlement to attack. This allows for unlocking settlements that are otherwise unavailable. Settlements that are empty or have quests active cannot be attacked.
    1. (Optional) Swing by Lizzie Wyath to pick up a recipe for the Smooth Operator and persuasion grenade.
  3. Head to the settlement. It's possible to convince settlers to leave with persuasion, pay them off (hundreds of caps), or simply wipe them out. Depending on the method chosen, the player will need to complete either Capture Settlement (if going the violent route) or Clear Out Settlement (if going the less-violent route).
  4. Once that is done, erect a flag to provide the settlement to one of the three gangs. At first, only the flag for the gang with the least territories can be erected.
    1. At this point, if Preston Garvey is alive, he will drop out of the pool of available companions and confront the player at the next opportunity.
  5. Return to Shank. He will start the provisioning stage.
  6. Depending on the method chosen, the player will need to complete either Shake Down Settlement (violent) or Subdue Settlement (less violent).
  7. Return to Shank, yet again. He will report that a crew under the lead of Sinner is threatening the freshly established outpost.
  8. Return to the outpost and find Sinner. Either intimidate him with persuasion or gun him and his four raiders down. Note, they come in power armor, so bring a can opener.
  9. Return to Shank.
  10. To progress further, make the outpost happy. This simply means ensuring every need is met (none are in the red).
  11. Return to Shank. Again.
  12. To complete the quest, you need to claim two more outposts.
  13. Talk to Shank one last time.
  14. You will learn that a gang has turned on you. Which one turns on you is determined by the amount of territories they hold. The gang with the least members will turn on you.

Quest stages

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