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For the item, see holy water (item).
Holy Water
Holy Light Monastery.jpg
Mother Curie III preaching to her followers
Quest data
Holy Light Monastery
Given ByScribe Bigsley
Reward100 XP
300 caps
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Base IDxx004c75
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Holy Water is a quest in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel.

Quick walkthrough

  1. Talk to Bigsley about problems with water distribution.
  2. Investigate the area around Megaton.
  3. Ask about the "holy water" in the Holy Light Monastery.
  4. Stop the Apostles of the Holy Light from stealing the Aqua Pura for their cult.

Detailed walkthrough

This quest will not be offered if Megaton was destroyed during The Power of the Atom. You pick up this quest from Scribe Bigsley after asking him what you can do to help. He asks you to investigate the area around Megaton to see why they need more water, after just being sent a week's shipment of Aqua Pura.

Investigate the vicinity of Megaton

In front of the entrance to Megaton you witness a 'cutscene' of sorts. A non-player character named Rosa gives Micky a bottle of seemingly pure water. He drinks the water and dies. Rosa then approaches you, and after a short conversation she reveals that she received the water from a cult in Springvale.

Alternatively, you also receive various hints within Megaton, such as a note pinned to the door of your Megaton house or a non-player character coming up to you and complaining about a cult stealing Megaton's water. The unnamed inhabitant of Megaton sitting next to the brahmin at the bottom of the hill where you enter also gives you the holy water pamphlet if you speak to him. If you have very good Karma then upon entering Megaton a resident will run up and give you the Pamphlet and complain about the cult.

Ask about holy water in the Holy Light Monastery

After finding the Holy Light Monastery, you encounter Brother Gerard. After giving you some holy water he refuses to speak to you further until you drink it. Once you have done that, he reveals that the leader of the church, Mother Curie III, has been "blessing" water so that wastelanders may "bask in Atom's Glow".

Gain entrance to the Monastery

There are five options on gaining access to the monastery. You may ask Gerard if you can meet Mother Curie III but you must either be irradiated (equipping the ghoul mask will fulfill this option), pass a Speech check, picking the lock, simply killing Gerard and loot the key from his corpse or steal it from him via pickpocketing.

After gaining entrance, you enter the basement of the church by means of a trap door. Mother Curie is giving a sermon to two ghouls as you enter. Once she finishes the sermon she engages you in conversation. She tells you that she has been intercepting the aqua pura from the Brotherhood caravans (who she sees as "angels") and turning it into holy water. She does this because she wants to share Atom's gift with the people of the Capital Wasteland. This "gift" is ghoulification.

Stop the Apostles of the Holy Light

From here on out, you have three options. You can talk her out of stealing water with a Speech challenge or Charisma check, you can murder them all or you can irradiate yourself to above 800 rads. If you do the latter, Curie will think you are the Prophet of Atom and will willingly give up irradiating the water. You can irradiate yourself using the radiation traps (turned on with nearby switches), both in the basement and close to the entrance in Springvale. Be wary if you decide to kill them, as there is a feral ghoul reaver named Atom's Champion and a glowing one named Sun of Atom, both of which will turn hostile.

Killing them does not take away karma.

The Power of The Atom

Should you destroy Megaton after undertaking the quest, Mother Curie III can be found outside Megaton as a hostile feral ghoul reaver. Brother Gerard can also be found as a regular friendly ghoul, who will say that he has seen Atom and that he is going to stay at Megaton to wait for Atom's guidance. Bigsley will express shock at Megaton's destruction but will still give you the money for completing the quest.

Quest stages

10 Investigate the area around Megaton to learn about the water situation.
50 Ask about the holy water at the Monastery of Eternal Light.
55 Drink the Holy Water.
56 Speak with Brother Gerard.
57 Gain entrance to the Monastery.
60 (Optional) Become irradiated to gain entrance to the Monastery.
100 Stop the Apostles of the Holy Light
150Quest finishedReport back to Bigsley


  • If you blow up the citadel during Who Dares Wins before accepting this quest you will not be able to receive it.
  • You can easily become irradiated by using the nearby button to activate the two radiation traps.
  • Disarming the radiation traps will render them inoperable. Therefore, you will no longer be able to irradiate yourself by activating the podium switch.
  • You can pick the lock on the trapdoor without Gerard caring. Doing so will not turn the inhabitants of the church hostile.
  • Killing Gerard won't turn the inhabitants of the church hostile.
  • Shortly after you complete the quest and as long as you don't blow up Megaton, you may see three Megaton settlers arguing with two Brotherhood caravan guards over a shipment of aqua pura. Unless the player intervenes on behalf of either side with a successful Speech check, the confrontation will turn violent and likely result in the deaths of the settlers, Deputy Weld (or Deputy Steel) and Stockholm. Persuading the Brotherhood to give up the shipment (apparently intended for Big Town) is easier than convincing the settlers to abandon their suicidal attack.
  • If you have not blown Megaton up and plan to, you can tell Brother Gerard what you are planning and he will tell you he will pray for your success.


  • PCIcon pc.png PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png The option to use the Speech skill to gain entrance to the monastery may not be available.
  • PCIcon pc.png PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png The Holy Water Pamphlets found on doors in Megaton will respawn every time the cell loads, even after the quest is completed. On the PC, this can be remedied once the quest is finished by use of the console. Enter prid xx006eb7 and enter, followed by disable and enter. This will permanently disable all of the interior Megaton pamphlets and prevent them from respawning. For the pamphlet on the door of Megaton, use prid xx006eb3.
  • PCIcon pc.png You may be approached by and given a Holy water pamphlet from a citizen of Megaton when visiting the town after completing the quest. It's possible (but unconfirmed) that this may be a one-time event that is triggered by receiving the quest, and that said event is not un-triggered upon quest completion.