Holy Mission Congregation

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Holy Mission Congregation
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Map MarkerNone (nearest: Back Street Apparel, local: )
Cell NameEsplanadeChurch01
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The Holy Mission Congregation is an location in the Esplanade neighborhood of Boston in Fallout 4.


Located in the heart of Esplanade, this old Gothic Revival church from red brick was providing the denizens of the neighborhood with spiritual guidance and community. It appears the Great War surprised the few of the faithful who attended the morning service, the intense radiation killing them on the spot and preserving their poses for over two centuries.


This is a single-chamber church, remarkably preserved all things considered. The body of the pastor is slumped over the pulpit, with a 10mm pistol and two stacks of pre-War bills hidden inside. The pews have several skeletons of the faithful seated within them, including remains of parents with an empty baby carriage. The only ambulatory residents are leveled feral ghouls that spawn when the player enters.


Holy Mission Congregation appears only in Fallout 4.