History of Morgantown: Vol. I

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History of Morgantown: Vol. I
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History of Morgantown: Vol. I is a voice holotape in Fallout 76.


  • Morgantown: The holotape is on a rooftop campsite north of the VTU campus. Follow the monorail track until you come to a spot with stacked boxes. Jump from the boxes onto the nearby roof and over.



Alisha Parker: This is Alisha Parker speaking, valedictorian of the last graduating class of Vault-Tec University. I believe it is my duty to record the events of Morgantown's final days for future generations. With any luck, someday a dweller from 76 will find this and know what happened here. After the bombs, Morgantown was a hellhole. Everything was on fire or dead. I don't remember much to be honest. A few of us hid inside the University but rations forced us out after a few weeks. When we emerged, we found ourselves in the perfect real-world scenario for exercising all the training we acquired at VTU. Yeah. Lucky us.

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