Hilda Egglebrecht

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Mentioned-only character
Biography and appearance
AffiliationVault 92
FamilyAgatha (great-great granddaughter)
Parker Livingsteen (love interest)
Mentioned inFallout 3
QuestsAgatha's Song

The sound you coax from your Stradivarius is bar none the most haunting, beautiful thing I've heard here to date.

Parker Livingsteen

Hilda Egglebrecht was the ancestor of Agatha, an elderly resident of the Capital Wasteland. The Soil Stradivarius, which Agatha seeks for the quest Agatha's Song once belonged to Hilda. As a talented musician, she was asked to join the artistic and musical elite in Vault 92. During her time in the Vault, she was involved with Parker Livingsteen, the young sound technician operating the recording Sound Lab she regularly played in. She presumably was murdered along with most or all of its residents during the Vault-Tec experiments there (although a laser pistol can be found beside the skeleton near the door, suggesting that they had killed the other and tried to escape via the locked door).

Judging from the logs of her lover, it is likely that Hilda died with him, locked in the Sound Lab when the Vault-Tec Industries white noise experiments drove the residents violently insane, causing the deaths of most of the Vault population and the failure of Vault 92. Her prized violin, Soil Stradivarius was left sealed in the Sound Lab, on a table, next to the skeletons of Hilda and her lover.

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Hilda Egglebrecht is mentioned only in Fallout 3 but only appears in the game as a skeleton.