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Highway 95
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Part ofArizona
FactionsNew California Republic

Highway 95 (or Route 95) is an old freeway in Arizona, Utah, Oregon, and Idaho.


One of the highways proposed in the 1925 Bureau of Public Roads numbering plan, Highway 95 did not reach its present shape until 1940, after numerous extensions to cross the United States between Mexico and Nevada. It remained in use as a divided highway with two lanes of traffic in each direction into the 21st century. Plans to shorten it by creating additional lanes through El Dorado Dry Lake were approved shortly before the Great War and construction started, but were interrupted at an early stage by the Great War.[1]

In post-War times, it slowly decayed for two centuries until the New California Republic established itself in the Mojave Wasteland. Although it was primarily an auxiliary route into New Vegas and Hoover Dam, with I-15 preferred by traders for the direct route to the city and Camp McCarran. However, the situation changed in 2281, with the NCRCF prison break and Quarry Junction shutdown effectively blocking access to the city on I-15, making Highway 95 the only other reliable route for California traders. The increased traffic, even in the face of Legion interference and the loss of Nelson and Camp Searchlight, has led to a commercial boom along the route, particularly for Novac, and the founding of new trade posts like the 188 trading post or Grub n' Gulp rest stop.[2]

Route description

Arizona and California

Highway 95 originates at the Mexican border Arizona, before heading north through California and into Nevada.


After passing through Bullhead City, the highway enters the Mojave Wasteland through Piute Valley, passing beneath Searchlight Airport and through Searchlight, entering El Dorado Valley.

El Dorado Valley

The highway heads directly north towards Novac and passes east of Helios One and the El Dorado Dry Lake. The highway was to be rerouted through the lake itself, with construction starting shortly before the Great War, but the nuclear Armageddon cut the plans short and preserved the region.It heads north towards Boulder City, before joining Highway 93 from Hoover Dam at the 188 trading post.

Henderson and Las Vegas

The highway continues onto an elevated freeway after passing through the Grub n' Gulp Rest Stop, going over Freeside, returning to ground level at the northwestern edge of the Las Vegas metropolitan area, going through the radioactive road block northeast into Nevada, merging with the I-80 east of New Reno and then separating at the Oregon border, passing through it and Idaho, terminating at the Canadian border.

Behind the scenes

  • The radioactive road block, outfitted with numerous graffiti referencing Fallout: New Vegas DLCs and a campfire was speculated to be an entry point for one of them, but was eventually revealed to be a convenient map end point.[3]



Highway 95 appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


  1. Construction site northeast of Helios One
  2. See respective articles for references.
  3. Joshua Sawyer Formspring August 11, 2011: "Is there anything you can tell us regarding the Radioactive Roadblock at the NW end of Highway 95? Is seems fairly clear that it is (or was intended to be) a DLC entry point given the graffiti, location, and lone campfire.
    It's just a map endpoint. In the real world, 95 shoots out of the Las Vegas Valley in the northwest, so we were just blocking that route out."