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High Times
High Times.jpg
Bill Ronte, Dixon, and Jacob Hoff
Quest data
LocationOld Mormon Fort
Given ByJulie Farkas
Reward500 XP
Followers fame
Editor ID?
Base ID0010e1da
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Friend of the Followers

High Times is a side quest in Fallout: New Vegas.


Freeside used to have a couple of skilled workers but since they got addicted to chems, they are of no use to the community.


  1. Go to the Old Mormon Fort in Freeside and talk to Julie Farkas.
  2. Find Jacob Hoff and Bill Ronte and talk to them.
  3. Confront their dealer Dixon and convince him to stop supplying Bill and Jacob with drugs and alcohol. with a Speech of 35 or the Black Widow perk. Alternatively, Dixon can be killed.
  4. Talk to Jacob and Bill and help them get clean.
    1. Jacob will request ten doses of Fixer, but a Science of 50 will allow for a combination of Fixer, Psycho and Buffout. Alternatively, a Speech check of 50 will convince Jacob to quit cold turkey.
    2. Bill asks for two doses of Fixer, a bottle of whiskey and a RadAway. Similarly to Jacob, Bill can be convinced to quit with a Speech of 50.
  5. Return to Julie Farkas.

Quest stages

1 Find Bill Ronte.
2 Find Jacob Hoff.
3 Help Jacob Hoff kick his addiction to chems.
4 Take care of the drug dealer.
5 Help Bill Ronte with his alcoholism.
6Quest finishedReturn to Julie.

Behind the scenes

  • The title of the quest is a double-entendre, being both an idiom meaning "it's long overdue" and a use of the word "high" in reference to drugs and alcohol.