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High Noon at the Gulch
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Quest data
LocationDry Rock Gulch
Given ByAutomatic
  • Control of Dry Rock Gulch
Editor IDDLC04DryRockGulch
Base IDxx0431ab
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High Noon at the Gulch is a quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


Dry Rock Gulch is one of the major park attractions that the raiders need secured in order to move out. Problem is, there are bloodworms in the way...


  1. Enter the Gulch to start the quest and meet your first bloodworm. Talk to Sheriff Eagle to learn what you need to do (Robotics Expert bypasses the hassle).
  2. The goal here is to meet all the three Protectron cowboys and gather the three parts of the safe combination to acquire the key to Mad Mulligan's, where the bloodworm nest is.
  3. The three Protectrons are One-Eyed Ike (in the center street, at the blacksmith's), The Giddyup Kid (at the corral), and Doc Phosphate (guess). Each has a task to complete (winning a shoot-out, finding a Giddyup to place in the collar, and delivering drinks across town). With Robotics Expert, these errands can be skipped.
  4. With all three combinations, find the safe in the barn at the Dry Rock Gulch Theater. Head to the ride.
  5. Enter it and head inside, all the way to the area where visitors would board the train. Kill the bloodworm queen there.
  6. Return to Sheriff Eagle.
  7. Plant the flag to signal the raiders.

Quest stages

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Investigate Dry Rock Gulch Dry Rock Gulch is infested with Bloodworms. I should look around and see if I can find some way to get rid of them.
Get the Safe Combination Pieces The Bloodworms are nesting inside of Mad Mulligan's Mine. The door is locked, and the only key is in a safe. I need to get the combination from the other Protectron cowboys.
Exterminate the Source of the Bloodworms I've made it inside Mad Mulligan's Mine. Now to exterminate the Bloodworms.
Report Back to the Sheriff The Bloodworms have been eradicated. I should check in with the Sheriff.
Assign a Gang to Dry Rock Gulch