Hidalgo Ranch

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Hidalgo Ranch
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Hidalgo Ranch is the childhood home of Raul Tejada.


The Hidalgo Ranch was home to three generations of Tejadas. After the Great War, refugees from Mexico City began to pass by the ranch in droves. The Tejadas helped as many people as they could, but eventually had to stop before they ran out of food. Raul Tejada and his father got their guns and drove the refugees away from the ranch.[1] That night a group of refugees came back to the ranch while the Tejada family was asleep and set the house on fire. The resulting fire killed Raul's parents, grandmother, three brothers, and two sisters. Raul and one of his sisters, Rafaela, managed to escape.[2]

The Ranch was located outside Mexico City but far enough away to avoid being directly affected by the Great War that reduced Mexico City to an atomic ruin.[1][3]


Hidalgo Ranch is mentioned only in Fallout: New Vegas.


  1. 1.0 1.1 Raul Tejada: "I grew up in a place called Hidalgo Ranch just outside Mexico City. It wasn't much, just a bit of farm with a house for three generations of Tejadas. I wasn't the best-behaved kid. I was quick with my hands, with a pistol or a wrench, and I wasn't afraid to get into fights over it. I never killed anybody, but I had my share of run-ins with the police. Mostly my family kept me in line. This was before the war. We were far enough away from Mexico City when the bombs fell that we missed the worst of it - but things got bad quick."
    The Courier: "Go on."
    Raul Tejada: "Just a few days after Mexico City was vaporized, refugees started pouring down the road to our ranch. We helped who we could, but there were so many. Eventually, my father started turning people away before we ran out of food. Things got violent. My father and I got our guns, and we drove them off."
    (Raul Tejada's dialogue)
  2. The Courier: "What happened then?"
    Raul Tejada: "About two dozen men came back in the night, after we'd gone to sleep. They set fire to the ranch house and barred the doors from the outside. My whole family was trapped inside. I smelled the smoke and got myself and my little sister, Rafaela, out though a window, but everyone else.... My parents, my grandmother, my two brothers and two of my sisters all died."
    The Courier: "What happened then?"
    Raul Tejada: "Rafaela and I ran. We were pursued by some of the men who attacked our home, but I was always a good shot. The ones who came after us, I killed. The rest, I left be. I had to take care of Rafaela, not throw my life away on revenge."
    (Raul Tejada's dialogue)
  3. Raul Tejada: "After the fire, I knew my sister and I couldn't stay at Hidalgo Ranch anymore. The refugees still wanted me dead - they even put a bounty on me. I remember how scared Rafaela was. I told her if she came with me, we'd see the vaqueros - she used to love the rodeo, especially the trick riders. We figured maybe we could find help in Mexico City - we were young, we didn't know what had happened, really. We didn't understand about the bombs."
    The Courier: "Wasn't Mexico City basically annihilated in the Great War?"
    Raul Tejada: "I don't think it was as hard hit as DC or Bakersfield, but it was bad enough. By the time we got there, the city was a radioactive ruin. Still, the city was full of looters, already forming into the beginnings of raider tribes. Crime was bad before the War, but now it was a nightmare. We were living like scavengers, scraping by on what little food we could find, always looking for medicine for my burns. And then, of course, the radiation started to kick in, turning me into this handsome devil you see before you."
    (Raul Tejada's dialogue)