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Herzog Mine
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World map: Point Lookout
Map MarkerHerzog Mine
Other ExitsKenny's Cave
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Herzog Mine is a mine in Point Lookout built into the cliff to the south of the Ark & Dove Resting Grounds and south of the Coastal Grotto.


The Herzog Mining Site was named after an old man named Herzog, the owner of the mining site who put the miners through poor working conditions. If you talk to Kenny who lives in the mine, he states that one day the workers just stopped working and sat down, probably referring to a strike. Herzog wasn't very happy when he heard about what they were doing so he blew up the entire site with a "million million tons" of dynamite according to Kenny. Kenny's exaggeration here is apparent, but there is a large amount of collapsed rock with many skeletons visible inside showing signs of an explosion and subsequent cave-in. After he detonated his explosives, Kenny says that old man Herzog hanged himself.


Herzog Mine

Herzog Mine is built into the rock face on the eastern coast of Point Lookout, overlooking the ocean and deltas. The entrance leads into a straight tunnel that has half a dozen mine carts scatted about. The straight shaft breaks off to the left. After it breaks off, there is a trip wire that opens a shaft in the left wall which pours down mannequin heads and other junk items. Continuing, there is a miner's rest area on the right.

The shaft goes on and narrows to a thin path made by large boulders. There are four bear traps set up in the inlet, so be cautious. The inlet opens to a pitching machine that activates by a tripwire. The right part of the mine here is caved in, but the path continues left. A lone scrapper will be wandering down the shaft but will be ambushed by several frag mines, likely killing him. The shaft keeps going until a door to Miner's Rest.

Miner's Rest

The tunnel forks after about ten feet; splitting off to the left is Kenny's cave and to the right is Blackdamp Shaft.

Kenny's cave

Main article: Kenny's cave

This section of Miner's Rest is inhabited by Kenny. In the cave is a wooden structure with a couple tables, a bed and some shelves. There is a ladder that leads to the surface of Point Lookout.

Blackdamp Shaft

Blackdamp Shaft opens to a short tunnel that leads to a large, 20-foot deep shaft which, at the bottom, Kenny-Bear can be found. If you don't want to risk taking falling damage, there is a path to the left of the shaft. The tunnel leads right to a massive mirelurk subterranean nest. After crossing a small body of water and over a rock formation, the (very) late Mr. Herzog can be found hanging by the neck from a rope. From Mr. Herzog, the shaft leads left and eventually comes to a dead end with the large shaft to the entrance directly above.

Notable loot


  • The mine has some unique traps set up by Kenny, including a "rockslide" composed of doll heads and a flashing camera.
  • Sometimes when entering the mine the player might encounter the body of John Adlam. His body holds a holotape which tells the player why he was killed, but the first time you approach the cliff you can actually see his execution. Some times you get to see it twice, once going into the mine and once while you leave.
  • When you enter the cave, you can sometimes hear Kenny making rough, scratchy noises or moaning to scare away 'outsiders'.


Herzog Mine appears in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.

Behind the scenes

  • Herzog Mine may be a reference to Herzog Island located on the Potomac in Maryland.

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