Help wanted!

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Help Wanted!
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Help wanted! is a paper note that can be found and obtained within the Commonwealth, in Fallout 4.


  • Two notices can be found inside of HalluciGen, Inc., upon the reception desk.
  • One can be found on the shelf beneath the front desk of the Old Corner Bookstore.
  • One can be found in the mailbox of the house just south of the church in Jamaica Plain.


- Help Wanted -

HalluciGen, Inc. is seeking research subjects to assist in the ongoing testing of non-lethal police and military technology. Whether you're considering a career in high-tech research or just in need of some extra cash, this exciting opportunity may be for you.

* Great Pay!
* Flexible Hours!
* No Long-Term Commitment!
* No Experience Necessary!

To apply, visit our main office in historic Back Bay.