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Special pages are pages that have no wikitext, but are generated by the software on demand. They are found in the "Special:" namespace. It is not possible to make a redirect to a special page, or to create normal pages beginning with the "Special:" prefix.

Special pages often take arguments. Sometimes these can be supplied after a slash (as in Special:Log/block); in other cases an index.php call is used, as in

Modifying special pages

Although special pages are not themselves editable, they generally contain standard text which is modifiable (although only by administrators). This text is contained in pages in the MediaWiki namespace. To find the right portion of text, see Special:AllMessages.

Available special pages

General information

Page listings


  • Special:Search: for searching Wikipedia. See Help:Searching.
  • Special:WhatLinksHere: enables listing all pages linking to a given page (including transclusions and redirects). The target can be specified as a parameter, e.g. Special:WhatLinksHere/Laser pistol.
  • Special:MovePage: for moving (renaming) a page (see Help:Moving a page). The page must be given as a parameter.
  • Special:Upload: upload a file to the wiki.
  • Special:Export: produces an XML file containing the wikitext and metadata of either the current version only, or all revisions, of one or more pages, specified in the form of a list; the XML file is in the format required for Special:Import; exporting is typically done either in preparation of applying the latter at another MediaWiki project, or for searching within old page revisions.
  • Special:Random: redirects to a random page from the main namespace which is not a redirect. Other namespaces can be specified as a parameter, e.g. Special:Random/Talk will select a random page in the Talk namespace; Special:Random/Category will show the contents of a random category.
  • Special:Randompage: an alias for Special:Random and works in the same manner.
  • Special:RandomRedirect: redirects to a random redirect page.
  • Special:Gadgets: lists gadgets that users can enable in their preferences.

Latest changes

  • Special:RecentChanges: lists the latest edits in the project. Changes to watched pages appear bold. See Help:Recent changes.
  • Special:RecentChangesLinked: enables listing of the most recent changes in pages linked from a selected page, or belonging to a selected category. Changes to watched pages appear bold. The page can be supplied as a parameter, e.g. Special:RecentChangesLinked/Lesotho. See Help:Tracking changes.
  • Special:NewPages: newest pages with creation date and time, current size, user who created the page, and first edit summary, in reverse order of creation. (see Help:New pages)
  • Special:NewImages: lists recently added files as a gallery in reverse order, with creation date and time, current size, user who uploaded the file, and name of the uploaded file. This special page can be transcluded, with the first unnamed parameter specifying how many entries should be displayed (e.g. {{Special:NewImages/50}}).
  • Special:Log: combined display of various logs. The type of log, user and page affected can be specified. Parameters "block", "delete", "protect" and "upload" are available. e.g. Special:Log/block displays the block log directly.
  • Special:Tags: lists the tags with which edits may be marked.





Restricted special pages

The following pages can be accessed only by users with certain privileges.