Heart pills

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Heart pills
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Value$ 50
Prototype ID00000333
Message FilePRO ITEM.MSG

These pills are used by people with heart problems.

Heart pills are a miscellaneous item in Fallout 2.


A plastic bottle filled with heart medication, their exact purpose in the game is unknown. They may have been intended to be used to cover up the Roger Westin murder or to cure John Cassidy of his heart problem.[1]



  1. The Chosen One: "{130}{}{I heard somebody saying Mr. Westin's not well. That true? I'm worried something might happen to him. He owes me some money.}"
    Jubilee: "{134}{}{Well you shouldn't worry, son. As long as he doesn't tax his system, he'll probably outlast us all. 'Course that's if he'd ever mind my doctoring or his medicine.}"
    Jubilee: "{167}{}{Those meds are for Mr. Westin, not you. Put them back.}"
    Jubilee: "{168}{}{Get away from that. Got to be careful, see. Wouldn't want Mr. Westin getting the wrong meds now.}"
    Jubilee: "{169}{}{Watch it! I just measured out Mr. Westin's dose.}"