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Healing powder
Icon healing powder.png
+1 Hit Points per second for 18s
-1 Perception for 18 seconds
Component ofHealing poultice (Honest Hearts)
Weapon binding ritual (Honest Hearts)
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Healing powder is a consumable item in Fallout: New Vegas.


Commonly found among the tribes of the New West,[1] the healing powder is created out of broc flowers and xander roots and can be prepared with the most rudimentary facilities. The commonplace flower and the rare medicinal root[2] combine to create a potent restorative that can match basic stimpaks. However, the methods used in its preparation are too primitive to isolate curative compounds from those with a narcotic effect. As a result, the powder has a curative and soporific effect that adversely affects perception and awareness.[3] Certain users might also experience clouded vision, hallucinations, and involuntary recurrent memory (flashbacks).[4]

Although usually ignored by wastelanders with money or access to stimpaks, the healing powder is the basic combat healing chem of the Caesar's Legion. It can be easily manufactured on the trail, doesn't require advanced medical supplies, and most importantly, doesn't violate the ban on advanced medicine imposed by Caesar on his legionaries.[5][6]


Healing powder is crafted at campfires and its effectiveness scales with Medicine. Although mostly useful as a low-level healing chem early on, with Honest Hearts it becomes a crafting component of two high-level recipes: Healing poultices and weapon binding rituals. Furthermore, Daniel will gladly accept healing powder in to bolster the Sorrows' supplies.

Damage healed using powder counts towards the Stim-ply Amazing trophy/achievement. Notably, the powder has no skill requirements for crafting - the only such instance in the game and its DLCs.

Effects of Medicine skill

10+1 Hit Point, -1 Perception60+2 Hit Point, -2 Perception
20+1 Hit Point, -1 Perception70+2 Hit Point, -2 Perception
30+1 Hit Point, -1 Perception80+2 Hit Point, -2 Perception
40+1 Hit Point, -1 Perception90+2 Hit Point, -2 Perception
50+2 Hit Point, -2 Perception100+3 Hit Point, -3 Perception


1 Healing powder


  • Healing powder is one of the first craftable items the player can make in the game. As it has no skill requirement, it can be made by any character. Sunny Smiles instructs the player to do so during By a Campfire on the Trail.
  • Siri, a slave healer found at the Fort, will provide the player with several doses of healing powder per day as long as their reputation with the Legion is Accepted or better. Teaching her how to be more efficient with her resources as part of the Powder to the People unmarked quest, will earn Legion fame (the check requires 20 Survival).
  • As the Legion bans stimpaks and the like, it's commonly found at Legion outposts and especially at The Fort.


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