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Heading Out
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Heading Out is a paper note in Fallout 76.


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Apparently I have to leave a list, since my secretary can't even get back on time with lunch.

I'm heading out for the day, so you'll have to reschedule my appointments.

Give my lunch to Hector and take him for a run and I mean a RUN, not a WALK. He needs the exercise... and frankly so do you.

I'll need a reservation in my usual rooms at the White Spring by this evening, booked through the weekend.

Call that buffoon over at the Ag-Center and tell him that Eckhart and I will be at the club on Saturday. We'll see if that he can find someone to carry his weight on the course for a change. Have my clubs cleaned, pick up my dry cleaning, and get the latest report on the growth hormone project. And no, they can't have more time.

I need that report and the rest of my things driven out to me tonight.


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