Haymarket Mall garden terrace

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Haymarket Mall garden terrace
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The garden terrace is a location in the Commonwealth.


The garden terrace is accessed from the Haymarket Mall roof. There is not much to the location, aside from a steamer chest accessed by dropping through floors on the east side, an easy access point to the broken monorail... and a lone deathclaw.

If one were to take the elevator to the east one would come to a room where the broken monorail is the roof. Inside this room is a safe locked Advanced. This room also has a good vantage point on Faneuil Hall. On the floor above this is more monorail, a skeleton, and a Stealth Boy. Although the floor directly above this floor only has an office fan, the floor above that only has better vantage points.

Notable loot


The garden terrace appears only in Fallout 4.