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Harper's shack
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Map MarkerHarper's Shack
Cell NameSLAbandonedShack02INT (interior)
SLAbandonedShack02 (exterior)
ref id00154826 (interior)
000842ee (exterior)

Harper's shack is a location in Fallout: New Vegas. As the name suggests, it used to belong to Harper, who settled a small mesa at the eastern end of Primm Pass.


The shack overlooks the valley with the highway leading north from Wolfhorn Ranch. It's not inhabited, but there are Vipers encamped near the highway and the sealed train tunnel, while deathclaws might spawn in the area from the local Dead Wind Cavern.

The shack itself has a campfire and a motorcycle placed outside. The interior consists of plenty of shelves and tables in the main room, together with a workbench and reloading bench. In the back is a small bedroom with more gear to loot. The combination of all three workstations and safe storage makes it a very good choice for housing or a crafting station, with the only drawback being the absence of a bed giving the Well Rested bonus (and potential for meeting deathclaws).

Notable loot


Harper's shack appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.