Harbormaster Hotel

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Harbormaster Hotel
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Map MarkerHarbormaster Hotel
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The Harbormaster Hotel is a landmark in East Boston in the Commonwealth.


Behind the scrap blockade, is a central plaza leading into the Harbormaster. The main lobby holds little of note: just a front desk, some chairs, couches and a television set. An elevator to the side of the front desk ascends to the sixth floor, which is mostly ruined. There is an Advanced locked door directly in front of the elevator containing what appears to be storytime with a long dead grandmother and her Giddyup Buttercup, Jangles the Moon Monkey, and teddy bear.

The other door on the sixth floor leads back outside to rooftop pool deck, complete with a pool (no water), a bar, some makeshift wooden lookout points and a covered deck.

Notable loot

  • A rare Giddyup Buttercup can be found on the sixth floor behind the advanced lock.
  • An overdue book can be found in the skeletons lap in the same room as the Giddyup Buttercup.
  • There is a Nuka Cherry in the vending machine behind the rooftop bar.


The Harbormaster Hotel appears only in Fallout 4.