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Happy Anniversary!
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Happy Anniversary! is a voice holotape in Fallout 76.




Lettie McKann: Hey there, big guy. It's your lovely wife, coming to you "not-live" by way of this rickety old recorder that miraculously still works. I figured, what better way to wish my amazing husband a happy anniversary then a very private, seductive, borderline x-rated holotape? And then I remembered... we have kids! Get in here boys!

Micah McKann: Hi, daddy! Mommy told me to wish you both a happy anniversary and remind you how lucky you are since she's so pretty.

Lucas McKann: And that she dated you even though you didn't like sports!

Micah McKann: And -- and she likes it when you do the dishes. And when you teach us to play baseball even though she's better than you!

Lucas McKann: But she does not like it when you snore!

Lettie McKann: Lucas Alexander, I said no such thing! Duncan, I said no such thing!

Lucas McKann: But you do, mommy, you tell me each -- every morning!

Lettie McKann: Ok, enough you two, get out of here. Go play with the other kids. *happy sigh* You don't suck at baseball, but you do snore... and I wouldn't trade you for the world. Even in times like this, I look at all you've given me, all you've done for us, and I couldn't ask for a better husband. Happy anniversary, to the best man I know. I love you, Dunkie.

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