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For the metric within Fallout 4, see Happiness.
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Happiness is a measure of Vault dwellers feelings of contentment within your Vault. Each dweller has a happiness level, affecting the entire vault approval rating which is the average happiness of every dweller.


The happier everyone is, the better they'll produce resources for your Vault, and the more your approval rating goes up net you daily rewards. For large Vaults, this can make or break a Vault, so aim to keep your vault happy.

  • For every 10% of Vault Happiness, you receive a flat 1% bonus to the overall production time of each of the three main resources, up to a maximum of 10%: power, food, and water.
  • A high Vault Rating on the daily report earns you bonus CAPS.
  • A high Vault Rating on the weekly report earns you bonus Lunchboxes.

Gaining/Losing Happiness

There are few things that can effect your dweller happiness:

  • Work Assignments - Assign the dwellers to jobs they're most suited for, as determined by their SPECIAL stats. This is the principal modifier, as a dweller working at the job he's most suited for will achieve a happiness level of 75% without additional effort (assuming there are no resource shortages and they are not wounded).
  • Procreate - Parents will have their happiness boosted by 50% at the moment of conception, and pregnant women maintain a 100% happiness rating throughout their pregnancy. Regularly letting your dwellers procreate is a surefire method to keeping dwellers happy.
  • Socialize - If a dweller happiness is slipping, let them hang out in recreational rooms (lounge and game room), so they can socialize with others.
  • Radio Broadcasts - Assigning Dwellers to work in the radio studio will provides a happiness boost. Each 10 Charisma points in a radio room increases happiness for every dweller by 1%.
  • Rushing - A successful rush will increase the happiness of all dwellers in the room by 10%, while a failed rush will reduce it by 10%.
  • Ensure that the Vault three primary resources are at least at the resource line level. Blackouts, lack of food, and water will cause the Happiness to drop.
  • Stay healthy - Try to keep your dwellers' health at 100% and irradiation at 0%. Walking with a gaping hole in your chest or glowing is not exactly a cause to be happy. Damage or irradiation that causes health to drop below roughly 75% will decrease happiness.


  • Dwellers are born with 50% happiness.
  • A dweller's happiness can't be pushed below 10% unless killed. In other words, dead dwellers automatically have 0% happiness.