Hammer's holotape

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Hammer's Holotape
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Hammer's holotape is a holotape in Fallout 4.


  • This holotape can be discovered at the West Everett estates, lying on the counter in the house with the recording computer.



Super Mutant: Human, did you make the machine work?

Y- yeah, it's recording now.

Super Mutant: Good. Fist, this is Hammer. I got a human to make the machine work. We found a good place. Already has walls and water. Some human made a tiny room under ground with many good things inside. Send more people so we can raid more. We give you these guns for trade. Okay human, make the machine stop recording now.

Super Mutant: Human! Not time for sleep! Stop bleeding and work the machine! Graaah, fine! Hammer will fix it!


  • There is no title for the speaker. It appears that it's supposed to be a human, however it is inaudible.