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HalluciGen, Inc.
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Map MarkerHalluciGen, Inc.
FactionsHalluciGen, Incorporated (formerly)
QuestsLearning Curve
Cell NameHalluciGenExt
HalluciGen01 (interior)
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000342cb (interior)
TerminalsHalluciGen, Inc. terminals:
Receptionists Terminal
Research Terminal
Security Office Terminal
Accounting Terminal
Test Chamber Terminal
Observation Room Terminal
CEO's Terminal
Mainframe Access Terminal
Lab Access Terminal
Decontamination Control Computer
Development Lab Terminal

HalluciGen, Inc. is a location in the Commonwealth.


Before the Great War, HalluciGen, Incorporated was a biochemical manufacturer and innovator, aspiring to be the world leader in nonlethal technology for use by police and the military.[1]

Recently, a contingent of Gunners came to the facility to secure a classified client pre-War military technology, particularly the facilities "InvisiWave" and "Iraddicator" weapons, as well as access the facilities mainframe and download any available schematics.[2] However, when they accessed the lab, a hallucinogenic chemical was released,[3][4] causing the Gunners who came in contact with it to enter a murderous frenzy from catastrophic adrenal gland rupture.[5] Those that survived died fleeing the location, shot in the back by their frenzied brethren.[6]


Derelict after centuries of disuse, this buildings is a mess of collapsed floors. The building opens to a reception area; a hallway to the east contains a collapsed floor which leads down to the basement, which contains an employee locker room. A hole in the wall leads into the buildings maintenance room before returning to the ground floor via another collapsed floor. The subsequent hallway leads to a research office (which contains a weapons workbench). The hallway to the west goes past a conference room, a security room (including some Protectron pods) and into a break room with stairs leading to the second story.

The first room out of these stairs is the accounting offices. Past these are chemical testing chambers. A collapsed floor in the southwest part of the testing area leads along a balcony to a stairwell that leads up to the third floor, containing the labs observation area, and further in is a balcony overlooking the reception area.

A staircase to the south leads down to the basement, where the mainframe is kept. Beyond the maglocked door are the laboratories. To the south is a decontamination chamber filled with deadly hallucinatory gas, which can be removed by using the nearby terminal to start the contamination process. The chamber leads into the labs proper (otherwise blocked by an Expert-locked door), which contains three chemistry stations. A busted wall on the other side of the lab exits out to Boston.

Notable loot


HalluciGen, Inc. appears only in Fallout 4.


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