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The Hakunin dreams are a series of four cutscenes appearing in Fallout 2, urging the player to find the GECK.


Arroyo's shaman, Hakunin, appears to the Chosen One in their dreams, informing them of the degenerating conditions inside the village and asking them to hurry.

The four dream sequences are scripted to occur on October 23, 2241, January 21, 2242, April 21, 2242, and finally, July 20, 2242. If the player locates the GECK in Vault 13, the game immediately plays the last dream sequence, skipping any remaining dreams. Furthermore, Arroyo is destroyed, with only Hakunin remaining behind to tell the Chosen One of the fate that has befallen their tribesmen (and point them toward Navarro).

October 23, 2241


Chosen, the spirits of our ancestors guide me to world of dreams that I may touch thoughts. Our village suffers without the holy GECK. Your hands hold our lives as a father holds his children.

January 21, 2242


Once again my spirit touches you from the void. Chosen, our crops fail, our reserves are meager. Return to us with the GECK. Your failure is our lost light.

April 21, 2242


Chosen. The village weakens. It is harder to touch your dreams. You must hurry or we will all...

July 20, 2242

Alternatively, it plays the moment the player exits Vault 13 with the GECK.


Chosen? Chosen? Do you hear me? The village dies. All of our futures die, too. We have little left in both time and essence. Hurry. Hurry...

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