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Haddock Cove
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Map MarkerHaddock Cove
FactionsChurch of Atom (formerly)
Bray Husky's trappers (formerly)
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Haddock Cove is a location in Far Harbor.


This shanty town was scrapped together by Bray Husky and his crew from the wood and metal from the nearby houses. Touted as being impenetrable, the locale sat on the water with no land access and had a clear view of the shore.[1] However, Husky seemed to forget about the sea monsters below; Braun noted that he saw something peering up at him through the baseboards when he was repairing them, but Husky paid it no mind.[2] Unfortunately for him, Braun was right; attracted by the dead fish and chum, a pack of mirelurks recently sprung up into the camp and slaughtered the crew.[3]


There are five wooden shacks all arranged in a circle, connected by submerged walkways:

  • The northwestern shack contains a weapons workbench.
  • The western shack has a few beds and a lookout point.
  • The southwestern shack is a supply room and has another lookout point nearby.
  • The southeastern shack was the mess hall and contains a cooking stove.
  • The eastern shack houses a few more beds and living quarters.

There is also another larger shack further east, overlooking the shanty housing a mirelurk nest. South of this overlook is a ruined house, which contains a camp used by a Child of Atom in the attic.

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Haddock Cove appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.