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For an overview of combat shotgun models throughout the Fallout series, see Combat shotgun.
Tactics h&k caws.png
Damage & attacks
DamageSingle: 18 - 28
Burst: 16 - 25
Damage TypeNormal
Attack Modes
SingleAction pointsIcon action.png AP: 4
RangeIcon range.png Range: 30
BurstAction pointsIcon action.png AP: 5
RangeIcon range.png Range: 24
Assault carbine extended magazines icon.png Burst size: 3 rounds
Ammo Type12 gauge shotgun shell
Value$ 2900
Mini-FOT Logo.pngThe following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.

The H&K CAWS combat shotgun is a small gun in Fallout Tactics.


Main article: Combat shotgun

A next generation weapon from Heckler & Koch, the Close Assault Weapons System was designed to minimize combat shotgun size without compromising either accuracy or reliability. The bullpup configuration ensures portability, while ambidextrous design and long barrel ensure accuracy at short and medium ranges. Capable of both single shot and fully automatic fire.


The CAWS (Close Assault Weapons System) is the major find of Mardin. It instantly replaces the Neostead as the combat shotgun of choice, but the minimum Strength of 6 (same requirement as the Neostead) may be beyond the average sniper. The CAWS is an unprecedented close range weapon until the next mission, when you discover the M249 SAW.


  • This gun can first be found in the Mardin mission.
  • It can also be bought from the Merchant found in a special encounter if you have insufficient skill to Steal the superior Pancor Jackhammer from the guards, also it can be stolen from the guy in Bunker Delta.

Behind the scenes

  • Outside of the Fallout Universe, the H&K CAWS was a recoil-operated, bullpup-configuration shotgun prototype designed to fire high-impulse shotshells using tungsten buckshot or flechettes with an effective range of 100–150 meters and a 10 round box magazine. It had a fire selector switch similar to the G11, with a full-automatic firing rate of approx. 240 rounds per minute. It never reached production due to the cancellation of the CAWS project by the US.