Gypsum quarry office

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Gypsum quarry office
FNV Gypsum Office Ext.png
FNV Gypsum Office.png
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Map MarkerNone (nearest: Gypsum Train Yard)
Part ofGypsum train yard
Cell NameGypsumAbandonedBuilding (interior)
ref id0012b7fb (interior)

The Gypsum quarry office is an abandoned office in the Gypsum train yard in 2281, filled with giant soldier ants which attack immediately on sight.


The area has some overthrown tables on the floor, but is mainly littered with ant egg clutches and an ant mound.

Notable loot


  • There's a sign next to the entrance on the inside of the building which reads, "Be aware safety always!" with the Vault-Tec symbol displayed below.


Gypsum quarry office appears in Fallout: New Vegas.