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For the same skill that was to appear in Van Buren, the canceled Fallout 3 by Black Isle Studios, see Firearms.
Fallout: New Vegas
ModifiesDamage and accuracy for Guns
Governed ByAgility
Initial Value2 + (Agility x 2) + ceil (Luck / 2)
Related PerksRapid Reload, Run 'n Gun, Shotgun Surgeon, Cowboy, Concentrated Fire, Center of Mass, And Stay Back (Dead Money), Grunt (Honest Hearts)
Related TraitsGood Natured

Guns determines your effectiveness with any weapon that uses conventional ammunition (.22 LR, .357 Magnum, 5mm, 10mm, 5.56mm, .308, .45-70 Gov't, etc.).

— In-game description, Fallout: New Vegas

Guns is a Fallout: New Vegas skill. It is the successor to the Small Guns skill of previous Fallout games, though it has inherited some weapons which would have previously been categorized under Big Guns (such as miniguns, but not missile launchers or Gatling lasers).

The skill determines the player's accuracy and damage with every kind of conventional firearm, from pistols and rifles to miniguns. With higher Guns skill the player will be more accurate (have reduced sway with the larger rifles) and deal more damage (100 skill level deals twice the damage compared to 0 skill).

Initial level

Example: A starting Agility of 5 and Luck of 5.

Ways to increase Guns skill


Affected weapons


Perks that require Guns skill

Perk Requirement Level Additional requirements
Rapid Reload 30 2 Agility 5
Run 'n Gun 45 4
Shotgun Surgeon 45 6
Cowboy 45 8 Melee Weapons 45
Grunt Honest HeartsGametitle-FNV HH.png 45 8 Explosives 20
And Stay Back Dead MoneyGametitle-FNV DM.png 70 10
Center of Mass 70 14
Concentrated Fire 60 18 Energy Weapons 60

Interactions that require Guns skill

Notable Guns skilled non-player characters

  • Benny, head of the Chairmen.
  • Craig Boone, ex-1st Recon sniper and possible companion of the Courier.
  • Dean Domino, pre-War King of Swing and a companion of the Courier.
  • Joshua Graham, co-founder of the Caesar's Legion and ex-legate.
  • Lee Oliver, NCR Army general and commanding officer in the Mojave Wasteland.
  • Raul Tejada, old vaquero and possible companion of the Courier.
  • Rose of Sharon Cassidy, owner of Cassidy Caravans and possible companion of the Courier.


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