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Gunners Plaza
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Map MarkerGunners Plaza
FactionsGalaxy News Network (formerly)
QuestsLearning Curve
Cell NameGNNExt
GNN01 (interior)
GNN02 (basement)
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000291c9 (interior)
0002f73c (basement)
TerminalsGunners Plaza terminals:
GNN Employee Terminal #118
GNN Employee Terminal #68
GNN Employee Terminal #31

Gunners Plaza is the main base of the Gunners, located in the Commonwealth.


This was once the local headquarters of the Galaxy News Network, delivering pro-government televised newsreels.[1] Since the bombs dropped, the station has changed hands and is now the main base of a gang of ruthless mercenaries known as the Gunners.[2]


There are two entrances to the plaza on the east and west sides. The entrances connects to the circular main plaza, guarded by a several Gunners and turrets, and trapped with several fragmentation mines. Across the plaza is a hallway, with some offices to the south, and straight ahead to the west is the GNN broadcasting studio (Master-locked), which is being used as Captain Wes' quarters, and contains a chemistry station.

North of Captain Wes' quarters is a hallway containing a few offices and continues toward a staircase ascending to the second story; south of Wes' quarters is another hallway which hosts a few more offices that have been turned into sleeping quarters, before leading to staircase described before.

After passing the bathrooms going up the stairs, one comes to more offices before heading further east, back to the balcony overlooking the main plaza. The rooms here are supervisory offices, with a records room in the south. Further east is a door leading out to the roof of the building.

There is a staircase to the north, just after a cooking station. There is another staircase past a lounge area leading to a balcony with more stairs. The stairs ascends to the highest point of the building, which has an elevator that leads down the basement of the building. Past the elevator is a section of rooftop containing some living quarters and an armor workbench.

The basement is a square room with an overhead catwalk; most notably, there is a weapons workbench on the western side of the first floor in a metal room and stairwells up to the catwalks in the northeast and southwest corner. In a room connected to the southwest stairwell is an armor workbench and Master-locked safe. To the north is a large utility room that terminates at an elevator, which leads to the ground floor of the main building, just west of the main plaza.


Notable loot

  • The Small Guns bobblehead is on the desk in the GNN broadcasting studio.
  • The "Street Guns of Detroit" issue of Guns and Bullets is found in the southernmost room on the second floor of the main plaza. The magazine is sitting on a coffee table surrounded by couches.
  • There is a fusion core in the rooftop emergency generator, which is in the niche behind the elevator.
  • Cruz's holotape is on the corpse of Cruz.
  • Ryder's holotape is on the corpse of Ryder.
  • Wes' holotape is in Captain Wes' safe.
  • There is a Fat Man in a Advanced-locked closet on the second floor. After passing the display cases, head south to the end of the hall.
  • A mini-nuke is found inside the refrigerator in Wes' quarters.
  • There is a Nuka Cola Quantum in a crate on a bench to the left in the hallway just after the main plaza.
  • Two Nuka Cherrys are found in a crate beside the Nuka-Cola machine on the second floor of the main plaza.


Gunners Plaza appears only in Fallout 4.


  1. Fallout 4 loading screen hints: "Once the local office of Galaxy News Network, GNN Plaza is now the headquarters of the Gunners, the Commonwealth's most organized and dangerous mercenary group."
  2. Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Collector's Edition p.381-382: "[6.17] GUNNERS PLAZA
    This was once the headquarters of the Galaxy News Network, delivering pro-government televised newsreels. Since the bombs dropped, the station has changed hands and is now the main base of a gang of ruthless mercenaries known as the Gunners. Their insignia (the “targeted skull”) is daubed on their defenses. You can use a side fire escape or mount a charge from the north to reach the roof (and Fusion Core). The two main doors to the ground floor rotunda are on the sides of the structure."
    (Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Map)
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