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This page is about the location known as Gun Runners that appears in Fallout: New Vegas. For the Gun Runners faction, see Gun Runners. For the location knows as Gun Runner's Fortress that appears in Fallout, see Fortress.
Gun Runners
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Map MarkerGun Runners
FactionsGun Runners
Cell NameGunRunners (exterior)
GunRunnerHQInterior (interior)
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TerminalsGun Runner Terminal

Gun Runners is a location in the Mojave Wasteland, south of the eastern entrance to Freeside.


This small factory compound is a branch of the powerful Gun Runners merchant house. In contrast to the nearby Crimson Caravan company, the Gun Runners operate in a decentralized fashion (such as with Isaac being the contact for the supply end of the operation).[1]



The factory is located in an old office building, surrounded by a security perimeter consisting of chainlink fences and elevated watchtowers made of scrap. Any tresspassers are shot on sight.

Just in front of the entrance is the Vendortron kiosk, where customers may purchase Gun Runner goods and a reloading bench, which is Isaac's quasi-office. The Vendortron will continue to offer services to the player, even if every single Gun Runner is killed.

After the player finishes Honest Hearts, the Gun Runners will start selling .45 Auto pistols and .45 Auto submachine guns, along with .45 Auto rounds and will always stock both of the weapon mods for the Honest Hearts weapons. If Gun Runners Arsenal is installed, the Vendortron will offer unique items that would appear in merchant inventories if said merchants are dead.

There is a Companion dismissal terminal on the outside wall of the box where the Vendortron is located, after patch


The inside of the factory is centered around a entrance foyer. Directly opposite the entrance is the gun smithy, where three gunsmiths work on the firearms. Inside the gun smithy is a computer terminal with the manufacturing specifications (sought by Alice McLafferty of the Crimson Caravan). To the left of the foyer are the living quarters, where the kitchen, restroom and sleeping quarters can be found. A single Gun Runner guard can be found inside the living quarters. In the corner of the entrance foyer is a collapsed stairway leading to an inaccessible upstairs.

Typically, the guard will move into the workshop during the day. The gunsmiths will remain at work all day. At night, everyone inside is asleep.

None of the loot inside the building is marked as owned. For that matter, Gun Runners aren't marked as good or evil, meaning they can be killed without incurring negative or positive karma, or any faction reputation changes.


Notable loot



These Gun Runners appear only in Fallout: New Vegas.


  1. The Courier: "So you work for the Gun Runners?"
    Isaac: "For around five years now. I handle the supply ends of things - raw materials and stuff."
    (Isaac's dialogue)
  2. Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide Official Game Guide p.308: "[2.14] Gun Runners
    Exterior: Gun Runner Kiosk
    This heavily fortified armory is a small but extremely impressive operation. The Gun Runners supply only the finest hardware to the most discerning of customers, including the NCR. Approach the kiosk outside the gates of the building, and speak with either the Vendortron, or Isaac, near the Reloading Bench. You can ask about the Gun Runners, inquire about touring the factory (you can't), and play a game of Caravan.
    Breaking into the Gun Runners factory alerts the three patrolling guards, ad nullifies the Vendortron's sales routine, stopping you from purchasing these rare items. Unlock the gate [Average], and head to the Gun Runner Headquarters front doors just beyond.
    Gun Smithy
    The care and attention the Gun Runners give their weaponry is unsurpassed, and their Smithy is where this fine work takes place. Unlock a Locker [Average] for a nice item. The middle of the room has four Workbenches and two Reloading Benches, one of which has an Assault Carbine on it, and another holds a Laser Rifle. Finally, you can access the Gun Runner Terminal, where there's information on naming the Vendortron (not "Bob"), an order for Camp McCarran, and "Persona Non Grata." A final option appears during the Side Quest: You Can Depend on Me (and only then), allowing you to download some Manufacturing Specifications onto a Holotape."
    (Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide Collector's Edition Tour of the Mojave Wasteland)