Gun Run

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Gun Run
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Quest data
Given ByBarney Rook
RewardReba II
Editor IDDN083_Barney
Base ID001243d6

Gun Run is a quest in Fallout 4.


Your arrival at the town of Salem spooked the mirelurks. It's up to you to take them out and restore the peace.


  • Go to Rook Family House and kill three mirelurks nearby. Barney will invite you to his bunker.
  • Talk to him and accept the task to reactive the five turrets:
    • Two terminals are located on the opposite corners of the restaurant, just behind the church.
    • Another is in the church steeple.
    • The fourth is on the upper floor of the Rook Military Surplus store, near Barney's home.
    • The last is in the alley opposite the church.
  • Return to Barney for a key and Reba II.
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