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Growing Up Fast
Fo3 Growing Up.png
01 Vault 101 Citizenship Award.png
Happy Birthday! Your chores start tomorrow.
Quest data
LocationVault 101
Given ByDad
RewardPip-Boy 3000
BB gun
AchievementVault 101 Citizenship Award
Xbox Live gamerscoreIcon gamerscore.png10PlayStation 3 trophyIcon ps3trophy.pngBronze
Editor IDCG02
Base ID00014e84
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leads to:
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Down here in Vault 101, when you turn 10, well, you’re ready to take on your first official Vault responsibilities. So here you are. As Overseer, I hereby present to you your very own Pip-Boy 3000! Get used to it. You’ll be getting your first work assignment tomorrow. Ha ha ha ha ha!

— The Overseer

Growing Up Fast is the second tutorial quest in Fallout 3. Completing it grants the Vault 101 Citizenship Award achievement/trophy.


James's child is now ten years old and is ready to take on some responsibilities around Vault 101, but not before a surprise party is thrown for them by Amata Almodovar. All the other children are invited to participate, including the poorly-adjusted Butch...


  1. The surprise party takes place in Vault 101's cafeteria. After the applause and greetings, the Wanderer receives the Pip-Boy 3000 from Overseer Almodovar, along with a promise of work duties to start the next day. Amata will immediately talk to the player and give a copy of Grognak the Barbarian. The options don't have an impact on gameplay.
  2. The guest list includes Officer Gomez, the Overseer, Dad, Stanley Armstrong, Anne Palmer (adults) and Amata, Butch, Wally Mack, and Paul Hannon. Andy, the Vault's Mr Handy, handles cutting the cake to disastrous results.
  3. To progress, the player has to talk to everyone at the party. The Overseer is useless. Gomez will offer his best wishes, while Old Lady Palmer will give the Wanderer a gift: A sweet roll. Butch will immediately demand the player to hand it over, giving a number of options for dealing with him, ranging from handing it over to spiting him or insulting his mother. Butch will attack if spited, but officer Gomez will intervene. Stanley will give his wishes, give a few hints about the PIP-Boy (including a story about biometric seals that make removing it impossible in case the Wanderer says they hate it). He will also gift a kid's baseball cap.
  4. The children are less helpful. Wally will insult and mock, mentioning his own birthday in the Atrium, Andy's magic tricks, and playing Hunt the Mutant, Paul will sheepishly thank for the invitation, but then harden when the other boys mock him for being friends with the host, and Butch will be Butch. However, the player can overhear a conversation where they choose a name for their new "gang", starting with Tunnel Rats and Vault Snakes (neither particularly rule).
  5. Once the player talks to the guests, Dad will talk to Jonas Palmer via intercom and send the Wanderer down to the reactor level. Beatrice will meet the player in the corridor, give her wishes, and give a a rather traumatizing birthday poem. Overseer Almodovar will leave after the conversation. Following him allows the player to eavesdrop on his conversation with a security guard, telling him to give the party a few minutes, then ensure everyone cleans up and is back at work.
  6. Jonas will be down the stairs in the reactor anteroom. He will tease the player at first, then ask them to wait for Dad. Dad will present the Wanderer's own BB gun and the two of them will open a shooting gallery. The BB gun itself was found in the storage rooms below, apparently misplaced ever since the first dwellers came to the Vault. It was repaired over three months, using various salvaged items - including a spring from Butch's switchblade.
  7. Shoot the targets with your new BB gun, then either kill the radroach with the BB gun or shoot it a few times and wait. Dad will ask Jonas to take a photo to commemorate the tenth birthday. This ends the quest.

Quest stages


Transition quotes

  • "These experiments are a waste of time!" (The Overseer)
  • "Don't be a damn fool, the experiments are prepared. Prepared and they are just fine, and they are running smoothly sir." (Dad)
  • "Oh, look, it's the teacher's pet. Gonna cry? Awwwww!" (Butch)