Grognak & The Ruby Ruins

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Grognak & The Ruby Ruins
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Grognak & The Ruby Ruins is a Pip-Boy game tape in Fallout 4.


Published by Hubris Comics Game Studio in 2063, Grognak & The Ruby Ruins is an adventure game able to be played on the Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV. The game begins with Grognak recruiting two party members in a tavern and taken them into the world to clear out dungeons, get treasure and become stronger in order to find the evil warlord Grelok and vanquish him.




Fallout 4
Fallout 76
  • Grafton Dam: On top of the enclosed entrance area inside the power station, in the pipe with the candles. Jump down from the southwestern office to find the holotape.

Behind the scenes

Grognak & The Ruby Ruins is reminiscent of the game Reign of Grelok that was in development in the Hubris Comics building in Fallout 3.

Holotapes and notes in Fallout 76