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Grisly diner
Fo3 Grisly Diner Less Grisly Exterior.png
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Grisly Diner loc.jpg
Map MarkerGrisly Diner
Cell NameWilderness 14, 19 (marker)
FFRaiderCamp01 (diner)
CarExplosionchain01 (cars)
ref id0000160d (marker)
0000160e (diner)
0000160f (cars)

The Grisly Diner is a ruined Dot's Diner north of the Temple of the Union. It houses a band of raiders, usually waiting to ambush those who walk behind the counter and triggering a few traps.


Located east of the curve, off the road. The abandoned diner is on the gentle uphill raising eastward. There are several frag mines set at both the diner's entrances. Numerous corpses and body parts are found scattered across the counter, signifying the raiders' presence. Behind the counter, a pressure plate trap will be activated if depressed, causing the suspended heavy object to swing and wound the player. Various items and foods are placed on the shelves. Exiting from the backdoor, a vacant bed is immediately to the right along the wall. To the left, there are some weapons and ammunition boxes.

Notable loot


  • Approaching the pressure-plate trap will spawn raiders who will enter the diner through the both sides of the diner. If not engaged, they will take seats or loiter; however, it is difficult to avoid being spotted by the three coming from the rear.
  • The road in front of the diner has a line of cars extending to the southwest. It's easy to start a chain reaction of explosions by setting off any one car.
  • Just outside and to the right of the front door is a motorcycle which can be set off, but this alone will not set off the chain reaction mentioned above.
  • The diner itself is dotted with traps and pressure plates. Exercise caution around the area.


The Grisly Diner appears only in Fallout 3.


  • PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png Body parts from raiders have a tendency to 'float' if they are killed in the diner.