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Biography and appearance
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Agent Grey was an Enclave officer. He features in Fallout 76.


A black ops operator with a history of service across the world, including overseas deployments in Asia,[1] Grey was a faithful right hand man of Secretary Thomas Eckhart and a loyal servant of the Enclave. After he made it to the Whitespring Congressional Bunker, he supported Eckhart in his elimination of all internal opposition, quashing dissent and assisting the Secretary in continuing the war against communism.[2]

To do so, Grey was tasked with seeking the means to access the nuclear arsenal in Appalachia and inadvertently stumbled upon Fujiniya Intelligence Base. After eliminating the holdouts, he secured the facility and the bounty of research and data for the Enclave, enabling the Whitespring to manufacture a third generation of Stealth Boys based on Fujiniya research and unleash Liberators on the region.[3] When Captain Jackson figured out the nature of the DEFCON monitoring system in Appalachia, Grey was the one who suggested false flag operations to President Thomas Eckhart in order to convince the system to raise the alert level, setting in motion the events that would lead to the scorchbeasts being unleashed on Appalachia.[4]

His last assignment was the assassination of former Senator Sam Blackwell, ordered personally by the President. After several abductions from Harpers Ferry and investigating the Free States,[5] Grey decided to follow the trail left behind by Quinn Carter, a Charleston Herald reporter who conducted Blackwell's last public interview.[6] He tracked down the senator to his bunker, penetrated the outer security and dispatched the broken, grieving man with ease. However, he failed to account for the fact that bypassing and resetting the power released the lures... Which promptly attracted deathclaws that ensured that Grey would not live long enough to report success.[7]


Grey appears only in Fallout 76.


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