Greg's Mine Supply

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Greg's Mine Supply
F76 Gregs Mine Supply.png
F76 358.png
Part ofThe Forest
  • Scorched
  • Technical
  • Point of Interest
  • Working Class theme
  • Dungeon
  • Supports large encounters
  • Fast travel destination
  • Large loot scale
  • The Forest location
  • Clearable

    Greg's Mine Supply is a location in Fallout 76.


    A small cluster of buildings that once provided mining-related tools and other necessities for the workers of Appalachia. Now a Scorched stronghold in the floodlands.

    Points of interest

    • The buildings flank the road passing through a clearing in the hills. While the houses contain little in the way of loot, the basements are a lot more interesting, including a tunnel burrowing through the soil and connecting the buildings. There's an armor workbench down under the store, with a weapons bench in the shed in the parking lot/storage yard.

    Notable loot

    • Potential bobblehead: On the wooden desk with Greg's Terminal, in the upstairs interior of the Mine Supply store, near a bed and trunk.
    • Potential magazine: On the coffee table in the living room of the house with the rusting van parked outside it, northwest of (and across the road from) the Mine Supply store.
    Dynamic spawns


    Greg's Mine Supply appears in Fallout 76.