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Greenetech Genetics
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The Institute
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Greenetech Genetics is a location in the Commonwealth.


This vertical maze features the remains of the C.I.T.’s Greenetech building, where genetic manipulation and other secret experiments were undertaken.[1] In recent years, it became the site of a Gunners salvage operation, recovering scrap material and usable components from the derelict building.[2]


This is a large, vertical maze where the player makes their way up no less than five distinct floors to reach the synth courser, Z2-47, located on the top level of the lobby. It is not fully accessible unless Hunter/Hunted is active.

The player enters the lobby, filled with Gunner corpses. The corridor to the left connects to the inner courtyard of the building, where the Gunners spring their trap and start attacking with everything they have. The Courser makes his way through them on the upper floors, and the player can witness some of his handiwork. The courtyard should be crossed at a rapid pace, as in the open, the machine-gun turret Mk Is that are set up can chew through health very fast. The corridor around the courtyard is the only way up, filled with Gunners ducking in and out of side laboratories. The player has to keep going forward using whatever stairwell available. The goal is up on the top floor.

Eventually, the player comes to a second skybridge over the courtyard and witnesses more of the courser's handiwork. Note that there will be two Gunners on the upper skybridge with heavy weapons and a cryo mine on the bridge. Exercise caution. The room opposite contains a chemistry station and connects to a small diner. Beyond lie restricted laboratories. The Novice-locked room opposite the small diner contains explosives (frag grenades and mines). The ramp down the corridor leads to the next floor. Explore the rooms to find a Stealth Boy and ammunition.

Down the skybridge and around the courtyard again, the player comes to a small balcony, which connects to the office at the top, protected by laser trip wires and more Gunners. The small, locked office to the side of the foyer contains a terminals that allows for disarming the defenses in the office. Enter the elevator to reach the upper levels.

Upper levels

Accessible only during Hunter/Hunted, the upper levels are built around a central shaft. The Master-locked terminals opens the central cage, which contains fusion cores. Beyond the door behind the cage is another terminal, Advanced, which opens the side door and another fusion core. Navigate upwards and meet Z2-47. For details on dealing with him, see the respective character article.

Afterwards, the quest completes and The Molecular Level begins. The player can use the nearby terminal to unlock K1-98's room. The walkway with the Fat Man connects to the roof of the building, with a stunning view of the area and an ammo box with ammo supplies.


Notable loot


The windows to the inner courtyard open when the Sole Survivor approach them.


Greenetech Genetics appears only in Fallout 4.


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    This vertical maze features the remains of the C.I.T.’s Greenetech building, where genetic manipulation and other secret experiments were undertaken. Once inside, prepare for a battle between Gunners as synths. Your target is located at the top of this structure’s interior. The Courser Chip is your quest item to locate."
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