Great Khan armorer's dialogue

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Great Khan armorer's dialogue
Game Information
NPCGreat Khan armorer
Data FileFalloutNV.esm

Full dialogue file

Dialogue file table
Topic vDialogueGreatKhansGenericVRRCGreatKhanaArmoryHFTopic000 Yes, please. Take a look. vDialogueG_vDialogueGreatK_001589EF_1
Topic vDialogueGreatKhansGenericVRRCGreatKhanaArmoryHFTopic001 No, thanks. Then get out of here. vDialogueG_vDialogueGreatK_001589E9_1
Topic VDialogueTheStreetSS1Fem01Wooo WoooooOOOOOOoooooo You're no friend to the Great Khans. You should turn around and leave - and if we see you in the Mojave, well... {veiled threat}accidents happen. vGenericRe_VDialogueTheStr_0017510F_1
Topic VDialogueTheStreetSS1Fem01Wooo WoooooOOOOOOoooooo {A little uncertain and scared of the player}Uhh, hey. Welcome to Red Rock Canyon. You've seemed a little bipolar lately - maybe you're having withdrawal symptoms? vGenericRe_VDialogueTheStr_00175110_1
Topic VDialogueTheStreetSS1Fem01Wooo WoooooOOOOOOoooooo Talk to Jack, he'd be happy to sell you some top-quality chems. He'll even give you a discount. vGenericRe_VDialogueTheStr_00175110_2
Topic VDialogueTheStreetSS1Fem01Wooo WoooooOOOOOOoooooo Hey, welcome to Red Rock Canyon! Since you've done so much for the Great Khans, Papa Khan told me to let you know you can buy weapons at our Armory. vGenericRe_VDialogueTheStr_00175111_1
Topic VDialogueTheStreetSS1Fem01Wooo WoooooOOOOOOoooooo You can find it in the basement of the burned-out old building at the mouth of the canyon. vGenericRe_VDialogueTheStr_00175111_2
Topic GREETING GREETING They tell me I'm supposed to sell you weapons. Interested? vDialogueG_GREETING_001589FF_1
Topic GREETING GREETING What's up with the tower in Vegas being all lit up? I didn't know it could do that. vDialogueG_GREETING_00175466_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Even that old House bastard gave in to the NCR. We're the only ones to make a stand! vDialogueG_GREETING_00175467_1
Topic GREETING GREETING What are we going to do now that Papa's dead? vDialogueG_GREETING_00175468_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I hope Papa knew what he was doing when he left you in charge. vDialogueG_GREETING_00176EE9_1
Topic GREETING GREETING A robot dog? Never seen one of those before. vDialogueG_GREETING_0017546A_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Your pal's one ugly motherfucker. vDialogueG_GREETING_0017546B_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Shocked, a little afraid}Holy hell, is that a Nightkin? vDialogueG_GREETING_0017546C_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Slightly sarcastic}Nice robot. vDialogueG_GREETING_0017546D_1
Topic GREETING GREETING You know you're traveling with a fucking murderer? vDialogueG_GREETING_0017546E_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Haven't seen a Follower around here in years. vDialogueG_GREETING_0017546F_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Huh? vDialogueG_GREETING_00175470_1
Topic GREETING GREETING What? vDialogueG_GREETING_00175471_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I ought to bleed you. vDialogueG_GREETING_00175472_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Fuck off and die. vDialogueG_GREETING_00175473_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Like we don't have enough problems. vDialogueG_GREETING_00175474_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Just get the fuck out of here. vDialogueG_GREETING_00175475_1
Topic GREETING GREETING What the fuck are you doing showing your face here? vDialogueG_GREETING_00175476_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Why are you even here? vDialogueG_GREETING_00175477_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Crazy-ass mother fucker. vDialogueG_GREETING_00175478_1
Topic GREETING GREETING You been dosing on too many of Jack's chems? vDialogueG_GREETING_00175479_1
Topic GREETING GREETING You're almost as crazy as some Fiends I know. vDialogueG_GREETING_0017547A_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Sarcastic}Oh great, just who I wanted to see. vDialogueG_GREETING_0017547B_1
Topic GREETING GREETING You going to fuck shit up again? vDialogueG_GREETING_0017547C_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Cautious}What do you want this time? vDialogueG_GREETING_0017547D_1
Topic GREETING GREETING You should have been with us in our glory days. You'd have loved it. vDialogueG_GREETING_0017547E_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Share a whiskey with me sometime? vDialogueG_GREETING_0017547F_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I wish there were more like you. vDialogueG_GREETING_00175480_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I like you, stranger. You've stood by us when not many would. vDialogueG_GREETING_00175481_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Good to see you again. vDialogueG_GREETING_00175482_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Why'd you come here? vDialogueG_GREETING_00175483_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Come to gawk at the Great Khans, have you? Fuck off. vDialogueG_GREETING_00175484_1
Topic GREETING GREETING What do you want? vDialogueG_GREETING_00175485_1
Topic GREETING GREETING The Legion and the NCR have mobilized their forces at Hoover Dam - it'll be time soon. vDialogueG_GREETING_00175486_1
Topic GREETING GREETING It's starting to feel like tensions are coming to a boil. There will be full-scale war soon. vDialogueG_GREETING_00175487_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Seems like everybody with a stake in the Mojave is gearing up for something big. vDialogueG_GREETING_00175488_1
Topic GREETING GREETING So you've been sucked into the decadence of the Strip as well, have you? vDialogueG_GREETING_00175489_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Caesar's veterans are making short work of the NCR - or that's what I hear. vDialogueG_GREETING_0017548A_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Soon Caesar will send in his best troops from the Arizona campaign - the NCR won't know what hit them. vDialogueG_GREETING_0017548B_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Those black-armored devils might be new to the Mojave, but they're butchers like all the rest. vDialogueG_GREETING_0017548C_1
Topic GREETING GREETING The runners are saying that the NCR is sending in their elite shock troops to try and push back the Legion. vDialogueG_GREETING_0017548D_1
Topic GREETING GREETING NCR spreads its infection to another town, I hear. vDialogueG_GREETING_0017548E_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I'm glad our brothers have returned home from Boulder City. vDialogueG_GREETING_0017548F_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Why did you kill our brothers in Boulder City? vDialogueG_GREETING_00175490_1
Topic GREETING GREETING More Khan brothers cut down by NCR in Boulder City. We should kill a hundred of them in response! vDialogueG_GREETING_00175491_1
Topic GREETING GREETING The 1st Recon butchers are in the field again. I'd love to head down to Forlorn hope and show them we haven't forgotten. vDialogueG_GREETING_00175492_1
Topic GREETING GREETING So the NCR makes peace with the Kings now? Where was that mercy at Bitter Springs? vDialogueG_GREETING_00175493_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Another tribe was wiped out in NCR territory? Can't say I'm surprised. I hope the surviving Kings learn from this. vDialogueG_GREETING_00175494_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Our tribe's final stand will be remembered for a thousand years! vDialogueG_GREETING_00175495_1
Topic GREETING GREETING We'll return, stronger than before! vDialogueG_GREETING_00175496_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I can't believe they're all gone. vDialogueG_GREETING_00175497_1
Topic GREETING GREETING So the Legion hit the murderers at Bitter Springs? Good. vDialogueG_GREETING_00175498_1
Topic GREETING GREETING We're not moving as many chems now that the Fiends have been taken out. vDialogueG_GREETING_00175499_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Diane's going nuts trying to find a new contact in the Fiends now that Motor Runner's dead. vDialogueG_GREETING_0017549A_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Typical - even within their highest ranks, the NCR is corrupt. vDialogueG_GREETING_0017549B_1
Topic GREETING GREETING So, the big bad chief ranger couldn't take the pressure, huh? Good. vDialogueG_GREETING_0017549C_1
Topic GREETING GREETING If I knew who killed Kimball, I'd buy him a drink. vDialogueG_GREETING_0017549D_1
Topic GREETING GREETING If you're going to assassinate the president of the NCR, you could at least do it right. vDialogueG_GREETING_0017549E_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Why the hell would you stop someone from killing Kimball? vDialogueG_GREETING_0017549F_1
Topic GREETING GREETING If you ask me, a true warrior wouldn't let himself be captured at all - but busting that Legionnaire out of McCarran was an impressive stunt. vDialogueG_GREETING_001754A0_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I would have thought the monorail bombing would slow the NCR down more. vDialogueG_GREETING_001754A1_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Whoever blew up that monorail is a damn hero. vDialogueG_GREETING_001754A2_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Karl's been in a shitty mood since that big explosion at the Fort. vDialogueG_GREETING_001754A3_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Word's spreading that Caesar is dead. No one seems to know much about how, though. vDialogueG_GREETING_001754A4_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Caesar can rot in hell for all I care. vDialogueG_GREETING_001754A5_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Not many get the favor of Caesar - even Papa hasn't been to the Fort. vDialogueG_GREETING_001754A6_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Rumor from the Strip is that House is dead. I hope the old bastard choked on his own tongue. vDialogueG_GREETING_001754A7_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Mr. House isn't a man to be trusted. Watch yourself. vDialogueG_GREETING_001754A8_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I heard from one of Melissa's runners that that check-coated bastard got thrown out on his ass. vDialogueG_GREETING_001754A9_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Papa says "cut off the head and the snake will die." I guess the Chairmen's days are numbered. vDialogueG_GREETING_001754AA_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I remember the Chairmen from their tribal days. They were punks then, they're punks now. vDialogueG_GREETING_001754AB_1
Topic GREETING GREETING You really killed Caesar himself? Maybe he's not the mighty warrior Karl said he was. vDialogueG_GREETING_001584E7_1
Topic GREETING GREETING You're the one who killed Kimball! If we had a bar here, I'd buy you a drink! vDialogueG_GREETING_001584F0_1
Topic GREETING GREETING We're fighting for the NCR now? I don't know about that.... vDialogueG_GREETING_001584F7_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Yeah? vDialogueG_GREETING_00158524_1