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Grandchester Mystery Mansion
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Map MarkerGrandchester Mystery Mansion
FactionsGrandchester Mystery Mansion Inc. (defunct)
Cell NameDLC04GrandchesterMansionEXT
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TerminalsGrandchester Terminal

Come experience the wonder and horrors of the Grandchester Mystery Mansion. Why did little Lucy gruesomely kill her parents? It's a mystery! See where she committed the bloody deed. Marvel at the animatronic models. See the actual kitchen where her mother loving prepared her meals. See the bloodstains that can't be washed out. Not suitable for children under 5. No animals were harmed in the making of this attraction. Grandchester Mystery Mansion Inc. is not responsible for health risks of this attraction. This includes but is not limited to: heart attack, stroke, fainting or severe cuts and bruises.

The Grandchester Mystery Mansion is a large home turned attraction on the outskirts of Nuka-World.


An old school haunted mansion, the Grandchester was a terrifyingly popular attraction in its heyday, built just outside the Nuka-World theme park to opportunisticallytake advantage of the increased amount of traffic.[1] The Mansion was the rare tourist trap that had a significant budget and was lovingly crafted to be as eerie and haunting as possible. Not content to rely just on the voiceovers, the entire mansion was shaped in a way that reinforced the story of the Grandchester family and their poor daughter, Lucy. The price of admission was fairly steep, at $65 per ticket.[2]

The story centered on the fictional Grandchester family, and the sole heir to the estate, Lucy. Possessed by demons to commit unspeakably disturbing acts, the child was fought for tooth and nail by the parents. The mansion was modified to confuse the spirits and parents tried every measure they could think of to exorcise these demons... Until Lucy murdered her parents and then, after spending time in an asylum and escaping on her eighteenth birthday, committed suicide shortly thereafter. The operators of the mansion went to great lengths to maintain suspension of disbelief, claiming that the Mansion was purchased at an auction and installing numerous plaques throughout the building, explaining the supposed purpose of the nonsensical architecture, as well as claiming that numerous artifacts were recovered from the scene of the murder - all of which were conveniently sealed away in police evidence lockers. Due to the gruesome nature of the horror show, the mansion was not fit for children under 5. Given the sheer number of warnings imploring visitors not to spar with each other using the props, not to crawl into fireplaces, climb onto the upside-down furniture, and otherwise vandalize the exposition, it seems it was quite popular.[3]

However scary it once was, the mansion became terrifyingly deadly, when someone took the time and care to turn it into one, giant death trap. But behind these traps still lurks a ghastly presence...[4] The Disciples planned to scout the mansion, but never got around to doing so.[5]


The mansion is structured like a linear haunted house and it's a good idea to follow the route... slowly. The various dead ends and corridors have been heavily trapped with explosives and turrets, making exploration and enjoying this ride a challenging prospect indeed. Progress through the side room into the corridor with flame throwers and remember to shut them down using the circuit breaker on the wall. It is best to not crawl into the flames, as the PA helpfully notes.

The kitchen and the upper corridor hold robots and a turret, so take note (and keep looking under your feet, to avoid stepping into a tripwire). However, there is a Master-locked door in the corner of the kitchen leading into the cellar laundry room. Following the pools of blood lead to a Novice-locked side room with six murdered traders inside, tossed into the corner.

Backtrack to the kitchen, and head through the stairway and halls into the seance room; try to remember to stay away from the floor. Flammable gas is not conductive to your health, especially when someone ignites it at the end. Then brace yourself for a pair of robots in the gift shop: an Assaultron and a Protectron; an Expert-locked wall safe sits behind the counter. Then the next room is filled with grenades ready to drop at a moment's notice.

Head through the master's bedroom to confront the master of the house: Zachariah. Lockpick the door in his room to gain access to the attic, the steamer trunk, weapons workbench, and chemistry station. The door leading further on is bricked, and opening it triggers a jump scare.

Notable loot

  • SCAV! issue #4 is in the attic, on a crate directly on the right upon entering.
  • The Nuka-Punch recipe is on a table in Zachariah's room.
  • A mini-nuke is found in the yellow cart behind the steamer trunk in the attic.
  • A Nuka-Cola Quartz is in the attic, beside the bricked door beside some paintings.


  • "Morticia Grandchester ordered this stairway to nowhere built in an effort to confuse the evil spirits possessing her daughter Lucy."
  • "Throughout the mansion you'll find doors like this one that open to blanks walls in an attempt to confuse the spirits possessing Lucy, the Grandchester's daughter. "
  • "Portrait of Morticia Grandchester. Photographs suggest that the artist took many liberties to make her look more youthful and attractive. "
  • " Throughout her short life, Lucy was fascinated with fire. She liked to throw insects into the flames and watch them burn."
  • "After creating this upside down room, the Grandchesters stopped receiving visitors. Most of their high society friends had begun to shun them by then anyway. "
  • "The Grandchesters had trouble keeping staff, especially cooks, once Lucy was old enough to roam the mansion. The longest serving cook was "Granny" Ratchet whom they hired away from a prison. She quit after 5 months declaring Lucy to be Satan's spawn. "
  • "When curators investigated this room, they found a variety of hidden speakers, trip wires, fog machines and other devices clearly used to stage false seances. "
  • "After the gruesome murders of Lucy's parents, the police confiscated dozens of items from this room. There were assorted knives, makeshift weapons, animal bones and toxic substances. Strangest of all was a journal written in some sort of code that was never deciphered. Unfortunately all of those items remain in police evidence lockers to this day."

Behind the scenes

  • The concept and name of the Grandchester Mystery Mansion was likely inspired by the Winchester Mystery House, a mansion in California once owned by the widow of gun magnate William Winchester. The mansion is currently a tourist attraction and is known for its nonsensical design, with many rooms serving no purpose and staircases and doors leading nowhere, allegedly to confuse the ghosts of those killed by Winchester rifles and keep them from haunting her.
  • The girl that appears throughout the mansion is a child non-player character, used to represent the mansion's ghost. She cannot be targeted at all and is removed by script after she plays out her scene.


The Grandchester Mystery Mansion appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


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