Grafton monsters

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Grafton monsters
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Grafton monsters are creatures found in Fallout 76.


The Grafton monster, once a cryptid associated with West Virginia was made flesh by West Tek's experiments at their Huntersville facility. Using the FEVS-006458 strain on October 23, 2077, scientists created a stable - if horrifying mutation. Based off the snallygaster strain, researchers tweaked the genome, producing a giant that shattered the containment unit, but was otherwise stable (excepting the absence of a discernible head). The mutant was sedated and transported off-site, with the Great War sidetracking the convoy and allowing the monster to escape into the wild.[1]

The resulting monster is headless, hairless and has a greyish colour skin with a leathery skin texture. It stands around 2.3 meters tall and has an oversized chest. The mutations that turned it into a powerhouse have also turned its skin and led to the development of glands that can eject globs of corrosive, oily substance in a wide area around it.[2]


The Grafton monster is aggressive, territorial, and incredibly powerful at short distances. Keeping distance is advised. Its primary disadvantage is the fact that the monster is a giant, meaning it's liable to get stuck on scenery and in hard to reach spots. Pelting it from afar and exploiting this is an excellent way to deal with it, provided that players also avoid the monster's oil bombs. The monster is notable in that it's part of the Grafton Day event, where it's the core feature of the parade in the town's honor.




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