Graduation Ceremony

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Graduation Ceremony
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Graduation Ceremony is a voice holotape in Fallout 76.




Sergeant: Camp McClintock has been training US Soldiers, US Army Soldiers, for five glorious years. You, class, are the last graduates taught by honest to goodness human drill sergeants. Go out there and show them that the old ways are the good ways. I want you to...

Governor: If I may interject, Sergeant? That'll be all. Thank you, thank you. I want to say, as your governor, I am enormously proud of all of Appalachia's sons and daughters today that are graduating. And I want to say the future of Appalachia is going to be even brighter as we bring in a new age of automation. To train new soldiers for the fronts faster and more efficiently. But today, and tonight, is yours to celebrate. Thank you!

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