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Goodsprings source
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Map MarkerGoodsprings Source
QuestsBack in the Saddle
Barton the Fink
Cell NameGoodspringsSource
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The Goodsprings source is a location in the Mojave Wasteland.


Located south-south-east of Goodsprings, the spring provided the town with pure, potable water for centuries and continues to do so as far as 2281.


The wells that tap into the spring are spread out over a larger area, which can be roughly divided into three areas: The wells, the campsite, and the overlook. Together with Goodsprings and the Goodsprings cemetery, the source makes up the tutorial area. Journeying beyond will result in the game offering a chance at remaking the player's character, marking the end of the tutorial.

The four water wells are close to Goodsprings. There are three - one broken and two functional - on the upper level and one on the lower level. There's a fully-repaired shovel leaning against one of the water troughs. The lower water well is also where the player finds a Goodsprings settler attacked by geckos during Back in the Saddle. All water wells provide endless rad-free water.

The campsite features three fireplaces that can be used for crafting, a camper with Barton Thorn, who will attempt to con the player into clearing geckos at a nearby ridge, so that he can loot the bodies there, and Sunny Smiles, who will teach the player the basics of crafting. Afterwards, the marker for this area makes for a good fast travel area, as it spawns the player in front of a wrecked car with a metal briefcase in the trunk. The briefcase doesn't respawn, allowing for safe storage of crafting components for use with the nearby campsites.

The overlook is the furthest area from Goodsprings, providing an overview of the spring wells and the campsite below. The overlook will have several geckos skulking about, a challenge at lower levels. It can be accessed by a small path leading upwards from the broken radio tower at the camp site, and lead to a small encampment on top (mind the broc flower on the way). A dead prospector is found on the bed in the camp. If Wild Wasteland is enabled, the prospector is replaced with Johnny, four red balls, and five ace cards, in an elaborate reference to the Zybourne Clock meme from Something Awful.

Notable loot

  • A fully repaired shovel is right beside one of the wells, slightly obscured by a bush.


Goodsprings source appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.