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Goodsprings schoolhouse
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Part ofGoodsprings
QuestsBy a Campfire on the Trail
Cell NameGSSchoolHouse (interior)
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The Goodsprings schoolhouse is a derelict school that once served the children of Goodsprings.


The schoolhouse lies in the southwestern corner of Goodsprings, easily distinguishable thanks to the red paint that covers its walls. It's surrounded by a chain link fence, with a wooden picket fence in the front. There are two xander roots by the side entrance (a third one spawns if the player is going through the tutorial quest, along with two giant mantis nymphs).

The interior is wrecked by two centuries of neglect and scavenging. There is still a bit of salvage to be had. There's a footlocker, ammunition box, and a terminal hooked into a safe at the far end of the classroom. The player can succeed where another scavenger has failed by hacking or lockpicking the safe (both are Easy difficulty; the terminal breaks if the safe is picked open, so the player has to first hack and then pick the safe in order to get both experience rewards), after fighting through five giant mantis nymphs. There are also two mantis egg sacks, which can be looted for mantis eggs or destroyed to spawn more nymphs.

Sunny Smiles will give the player a bobby pins and a copy of Locksmith's Reader if they ask for work. Additionally, the school is an important part of the By a Campfire on the Trail quest, with giant mantis nymphs and an additional xander root spawning outside.

Notable loot

Behind the scenes


Goodsprings schoolhouse appears in Fallout: New Vegas.