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Goodsprings Cemetery
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Map MarkerGoodsprings Cemetery
QuestsBy a Campfire on the Trail
Bleed Me Dry
Exhumin' Nature
Cell NameGSCemetery
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Goodsprings cemetery is the cemetery of the town of Goodsprings located northeast of the town. It's the northern boundary of the tutorial area and venturing beyond will result in the game prompting the player to finalize their character.


Serving the people of Goodsprings for decades, the cemetery now consists of just twenty-nine graves and surrounded by half-broken fencing. The water tower adjacent to the burial ground is a major landmark visible from miles around.

Benny and the Great Khans left the Courier for dead in a shallow grave here, only for him to be dug-up by Victor and saved by Doc Mitchell. The grave remains open. The player can dig up five other graves with a shovel, gaining some minor loot.

Venturing out beyond the cemetery's boundaries is a dangerous proposal. Warning signs that ring the cemetery are not lying: The valley to the east teems with giant radscorpions, the road to the west leads to the tribal village filled with cazadores, while heading straight north eventually leads to Quarry Junction, filled with deathclaws.

If By a Campfire on the Trail is active, there will be a broc flower and four bloatflies present at the cemetery.

List of graves

Notable loot

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Goodsprings cemetery appears in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes

  • Goodsprings Cemetery is based on the real-life location, a cemetery located southeast of the town of Goodsprings, 40 miles (64 km) southwest of Las Vegas in Clark County, Nevada. The large hill seen in game is located to the north of the cemetery in the real world equivalent, albeit still with Las Vegas in sight beyond the hill's northeastern face.